Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Now it's 1:53am, May 26 2010.

I just finished installing the bookshelf and showered, and now surfing for no reason.
Actually was facing quite a dilemma just now~ a fren of mine is getting restless about being single so ya..~

Anyway there was an oil spill(AGAIN~!!) yesterday, in the water off Singapore this time, a merchant ship from Singapore collided with a Malaysian oil tanker(such big giants couldn't see each other, IRONIC!!) and deposited the shit on the sea, 2000 tonnes of it, that's 2000,000 KG of crude covering an area as large as 2.5 mile long and more than a half-mile wide. Again I say : SCREW U ALL !!!!

The product of human carelessness...

Anyway I should be sleeping by now, but why am I not sleeping? Because I'm blogging lar~

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping; ie the more we sleep, the longer we live o.O

Scientists have long probe into the question: why do we sleep??

Some would say: We are recharging, just like batteries

But studies show that the total energy conserved during our 8 hours is equivalent to the total energy generated by a food item containing 150 kilocalories, that's 2 pieces of bread o.O

So why do we need to sleep?

There are various stories about dream in all parts of the world. Ancient civilization believed that the Gods conveyed their messages through dreams. The devil could enter your sleep and overpower you through your dream.

Some even told of stories about foreseeing the future through dreams...


When we sleep, we dream. We dream because our brain is still active, and the theme of our dream varies according to the activities that we have done during the day, be it a movie, a soccer game, or a party, we carry those memories into our sleep.

If I see this is a soccer game I'm quite sure that I will remember it for a long long time...

And alcohol weakens your thinking ability.. sort of like anesthetized your brain..

At the same time, it is said that when we dream, we are actually deleting old, unwanted information from our brain. This means when we dream, our brain are deleting our primary school information while installing new information regarding what we have just done the day before. This enhances our memory of recent activities while forgetting those of old.

The old information that is deleted is probably those deemed unwanted by our brain, for example some painful experiences. Therefore it is recommended that we don't try to remember our dream, though sometimes it is hard to do so, and by doing so you are actually reinstalling the old, unwanted information back into your brain.

Scientists has proven that a good night sleep after studying could enhance your memory, and the typical wake-up-early-to-study method is far inferior, and it destroys your health too.

A good breakfast is essential to boost your brain, and that's why I seldom miss the free breakfast in college :P

I didn't surf around for information tonight, cuz laziness has got the better of me =P

Malcolm- 2:18am, May 26 2010

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