Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday To This Blog

*This post was supposed to be published in November.*

Four years have passed, and now the blog has 480 entries.

That's 120 entries per year. Holy Mother Mary indeed.

Some people persevere for a year. Some two, three, four or five.
I wonder how long will I continue to blog?

Anyway, I would be grateful if you could write about yourself in the comment section; so at least I know a little bit about my readers. Maybe just state your name, your location, your occupation, and who do you think is more handsome: Loki or Tony Stark?

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas, I'm Curious Too.


1 comment:

  1. Hello...your once-in-a-while reader June here. The one that suggest you to go out and have a heart breaking session during Chrismas. Personally I think I would prefer to have Tony Stark. Captain America seems delicious too. LOL



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