Saturday, December 18, 2010

Premature Ejaculation is Good. Wait A Minute...What?

The title seems odd. Well, it ain't that bad you know, at least from an evolutionary theoretical perspective. Alright I'll try to make this entry as humorous as possible so that you won't look at me as a jerk full of sordid imagination.

As Jesse Bering puts it:

After all, the function of ejaculation isn’t really a mysterious biological occurrence…it’s an evolved mechanism designed by nature to launch semen, and therefore sperm cells, as far into the dark, labyrinthine abyss of the female reproductive tract as possible. And once one of these skyrocketed male gametes, in a vigorous race against millions of other single-tasked cells, finds and penetrates a fertile ovum, and—miracle of miracles—successful conception occurs, well then natural selection can congratulate itself on a job well done.
Let's face it, having a large genital is to a man like having a huge Hummer; you could belittle others with it, and be proud at your prized asset.

But having large genital doesn't guarantee you satisfaction on bed-say for example, you leak =P alright that's not the word. Umm.... ya you ejaculate before achieving penetration. Owwhh see I'm kind. XD

Let's assume that someone has this problem of ejaculating so early that his sperms land awkwardly outside the female vagina, flopping about like fish out of water, so... does that affect the evolutionary cycle of Man? After all, if our ancestors ejaculate so quickly that the sperms go wasted, we wouldn't have evolved so successfully. But let's restrict the debate to PREMATURE ejaculation WITHIN the female tract.

Fish flopping.
Given a chance, a modern male would certain want to have delayed ejaculation, one that could make women crazy over you. But for our ancestors, living in harsh environments with limited water and food supply doesn't permit such time-wasting behavior. The chance of inseminating as many females as possible in as short a time frame as possible sounds like a good deal for Homo Erectus. It allowed our ancestors to focus on other adaptive behaviors aside from sex.

In 1984, a paper entitled “Survival of the Fastest: On the Origin of Premature Ejaculation.” was published in the Journal of Sex Research posited that, during the long course of human evolutionary history,

“an expeditious partner who mounted quickly, ejaculated immediately, and dismounted forthwith might [have been] the best for the female.”

The main reason of this conclusion is the fact that, on average, human males ejaculate around just two minutes after vaginal penetration, whereas it takes the owners of these vaginas, on average, at least twice that long to do the same once a penis is inside of them — if they achieve orgasm at all, that is.

Knowing that beforehand, the author compared the mating habits of human beings to other rapid—and not-so-rapid—ejaculators in the primate family, noting that the faster a primate species is in the coital realm, the less aggressive it is when it comes to mating-related behaviors, and it's called the “slow speed - high aggressiveness hypothesis,” and this saved lives. Over time, young reproductive-aged males who ejaculated faster (i.e., had more sensitive penises) avoided injury, lived longer and therefore had a greater chance of attaining high status and acquiring the most desirable females.

But hey, don't go about worrying whether you're a premature or delayed ejaculator, because it is in fact a heritable trait, so you would probably want to go have that weird conversation with your dad XD.

It is found that “premature” ejaculation may be a product of natural selection whereas delayed ejaculation “would be completely maladaptive.” Delayed ejaculators are considerably rarer, with a prevalence rate as low as 0.15% in the male population compared to as high as 30% with premature ejaculators, and their condition is usually owed to the usage of drugs(you know, tongkat ali.. Tiger's penis), and it NOT a heritable trait.

So guys, don't worry about premature ejaculation, a minute or two would suffice really-shows that you are naturally fit for survival. But if you are indeed a superfast ejaculator, then I would advice you to put on a prophylactic, you know, in case you dirty the linen.



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