Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Birthday: Three Years Old

This blog is three years old today. 

What began as a event-recording-hideout is now a blog with a steady output of at least seven posts per month. While the blog covers a wide range of topics; politics, traveling, food, personal experience, history, goof, sports, and even music, it has been loyal to science. As of 28th of November 2012, this blog has already published 419 posts. Not a bad number considering the fact that most of my peers have published less than a hundred posts in three years.
So, what's next?

I realized that shortly after I began blogging, the number of articles I read every week has doubled, and maybe even tripled. Now I've added TIME and Discover Magazine to my vault, apart from the daily feed from Ed Yong's blog, Dr Phil Plait's blog, Jesse Bering's blog, and various other sources. Of course I can't possibly remember all the facts. But I think that repeated reading is a form of brain exercise that can help to improve my brain power, and that is to me more important than memorizing all the stats. If you think I am pretty dumb now, that's because I was dumber before I started blogging.

If you want to improve, read more.
But if you want to improve further, read more and start writing.


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