Friday, April 25, 2014


最近足球界最 heng 的新闻应该就是莫耶斯被令下课的消息。


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Why You Fall In Love With Your Work: It's The Ikea Effect

Imagine this:
You've bought a piece of furniture from Ikea. You got home immediately and started assembling the thing. 
It came out a little crooked, but you didn't care. You showed it off to your girlfriend and despite her best effort to sound polite, you felt offended because she said the work turned out a little awkward.
When I first built this sh-t and I thought it was awesome. And two months later I thought it was horrendously bad. 

It's a common psychology effect called the Ikea Effect: building your own stuffs boosts your pride and makes you feel competent, and that could override your rationale to consider other people's opinion.


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