Monday, July 31, 2017

DUNKIRK and life update

I've always wanted to watch movies about the history of World War II (WWII). As with most of the people my age, we are generally more receptive to videos than written words, so history class with videos is more effective than reading mere words on paper.

Nonetheless, one thing I don't like about movies is that they often dramatize or exaggerate the real event to achieve the desired plot.

Dunkirk, however, is no such movie. Sure, it has its fair share of dramatization and fictionalization, but director Christopher Nolan has done a great job in minimizing the fictionalizations of history, using different names as proxies to the real characters in history.

I'm not about to do a spoiler here so please go to your nearest cinema to watch it. My verdict for the movie is that the it is definitely worth your time.

These are a few thoughts after watching Dunkirk:
1) Heroes don't always survive. Cowards don't always die.
2) When facing death, your sworn brothers could easily turn you in to the enemies.
3) Why don't politicians go to war themselves? War is where the decision by the 1% brings death and sufferings to the 99%.

4) Fun trivia: 
a) the narrowest part of the English Channel is about 20.7 miles, or 33km from Dover to Calais (which is near to Dunkirk by the way). That's about an hour's ride by boat or 5 minutes (at 372 mph) by Spitfire fighter plane.
b) The average depth of the Channel is only about 65 meters, while the shallowest part only 45 meters. In comparison, all six of the British destroyers lost in Operation Dynamo were over 90 meters in length. Had all the destroyers sunk hull-first, the stern of the ship could still remain on the surface and could at least sustain the crews for several hours. Heck we need ship designs that allow ships to sink hull/stern first, not sideways.   

Lastly, in light of some recent comments dropped on my Facebook, I see the need to clarify that I'm currently single. I'd appreciate no further questions nor comments on this subject especially on Facebook. Thanks.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Which Animal Murders The Most?

We hear news of people killing one another every other day. 
Have you ever wondered why are we so violent towards one another? Comparing ourselves to other animals in the animal kingdom, are we, Homo sapiens, any more murderous than say, dogs, rats, or lions?

The answer may surprise you.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

How Does Hair Dye Work?

To understand how hair dye works, we must first understand the anatomy of the human hair.


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