Sunday, June 29, 2014

Why Do We Wear Underwears?

Okay folks, it's time for weird and random questions again.

I always have weird questions popping up in my head at the random-est moment, and this happened earlier this morning while I was having my breakfast. Sipping my coffee, I felt a little bit cold and realized I was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. Well, okay, I thought, so clothes protect us against the climate, and that makes perfect sense. Some tribes in Papua New Guinea walk around naked due to the warm, humid climate in which they live. The Inuits wear thick clothes made from animal skin because they live in the Arctic. Inhabitants of the ancient Angkor civilization that thrived under the hot scorching sun of South East Asia did not wear anything except for a piece of clothing that hanged from their waist (before you ask, yes, both men and women of ancient Angkor were breast-naked).
Inuit women. Image:
If the primary function of clothes is to provide warmth, what is the function of the underwear? Is there a need for an extra layer of fabric wrapping around our groin to provide extra warmth? Why can't we just put on a shirt and a pair of pants and walk straight out the door? Moreover, the male testicles function only at a temperature slightly lower than the rest of our bodies (and that explains why the sac hangs innocuously underneath your phallus, outside of your body), so why would anyone hamper their own fertility by channeling extra heat to their groin?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How Do People Get New Ideas?

It's truly amazing what the human mind can do. How can anyone produces music that tickles the soul? Have you ever looked at your mobile phone, GPS or car and asked: how the heck did they come up with this thing in the first place? Well it's all down to one thing: creativity. New idea. Innovation.

But how do people get new ideas?

I rarely experience those bulb-going-off moment because, frankly, my creativity level is horrendously low. Routine is what I do best, and then I looked at people like Hans Zimmer, Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison and thought how pathetic my brain power can be, and to add to my woes all three of them didn't even go to college and Zimmer, the composer for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean had had only two weeks of piano lesson when he was a child.
We often think of those people as a whole different species altogether -- geniuses -- and we seek comfort in knowing that most, if not all, of them are probably more dweeb than we normal people are (with the exception of Schroedinger--that guy tried to get his wife to live with his mistress).

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Six Tips To Improve Your Memory

I'm not sitting for examination this semester. In fact I haven't taken any written examination since 2011, simply because I'm now a postgraduate researcher, and researcher don't take exams! :D

It's exam season now, and I feel bad when I see people trying so hard to memorize their notes. Boycotting Facebook is one way to stay focused, but you need some time off as well and immersing yourself in a sea of books isn't going to help.

Forget about your grandma's magic potion or the tips given by your CGPA 2.0 seniors. Here are six ways, backed up by solid science, for you to improve your memory.


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