Thursday, February 26, 2015

Now, We Finally Have A Way To Get Rid of Bedbugs

"Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite"

I had had no problem with bedbugs during my adolescence year. Thanks to my mother's continual insistence in keeping the house clean, I had never been bitten by a bedbug before, and so I never truly appreciated the quote above, until I got ravaged by bedbugs (for two bloody weeks), like literally hundreds of bedbugs, during my exchange program in India. The experience was horrible enough to recall, and one that I hope no human on this planet would have to go through. I could barely sleep at all because of the seemingly never-ending itchiness.

I searched the web frantically looking for a quick solution and, to my horror, found no one-off solution. It's like you can't really exterminate them all at one go; you need to put your mattress out under the sun for a period of timewhich means you may need to sleep on another mattress, spray specialized insecticides repeatedly, and seek help from professionals.


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