Saturday, April 17, 2010


Normal people: I wanna die already

Lazy people: why do I have only 24 hours a day?

Retarded people: har? now is exam week arh??

Ah beng: study wat study? study your C*** J***I la~!

mathematician: my thinking is becoming sinusoidal waveform

geologist: my brain experiences large seismic tremor

software engineer: my brain is incompatible with this piece of shit

economist: my brain becomes a stochastic model

accountant: my memory has overdrafted

engineer: my brain is working up its efficiency

chemist: my brain is saturated

biologist: my hormones are becoming imbalanced

physicist: my brain is spinning and vibrating

I guess apart from the first 4, all the other humors could only be understood by the respective professionals

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1 comment:

  1. thumbs up! and chatbox pls..

    i can connect with a few of them. LOL!
    gambateh with ur exams. it will be over soon.



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