Sunday, October 2, 2011

The End Is Near

This post is written to MOCK all of those who tried, try, and will be trying to invoke confusion and fear about how and when the world is going to end.

Humans have been contemplating of their own extinction ever since they knew Death. The mystery and enigma of death prompted the inception of religion to serve as an answer to what happens after death.
The bible also predicts the end of the world, and that has been systematically utilized by medieval churches as a propaganda tool to instill fear in the mind of the people.

But as the internet propels our intelligence forward, idiots find it useful for spreading rumors and fictitious ideas. Superstitious self-proclaimed gurus emerge by the thousands and preach about the end of the world.

Wang Chao-hung is one amongst a plethora of end-of-the-world believer in Taiwan. He predicted the island would be flattened by an earthquake on May 11 at 10:42:37. Now that, my friend, is more accurate that Nostradamus the supposed-prophet.
As the appointed time approached, watchers held their breath. Tick... tick... tick... the moment came and went. Nothing happened.

Believers looked sheepish. Non-believers mocked, but also looked rather relieved.

In 2000, a Japanese guru named Yuji Taniguchi, 65, said the only to escape the eminent end of the world was by singing a song composed by a space alien named Elina. The song went like this:
What's your name? I feel wretched about myself, oh yay, yay.

Thousands of Japanese sang in unison and thanks to their cooperation the world failed to end, except for music lovers, who probably felt suicidal.

And earlier this year in America, a cult emerged claiming that the world would end on May 21 2011. Harold Camping, the 89-year old american behind the May 21 hoax, said he and his flock would be lifted into the sky in a religious event called The Rapture.
Camping and his followers spent big money on billboards and posters and sent the ludicrous message half way across the globe to the Phillippines and even Vietnam, where thousands of the Hmong ethnic hill tribe gathered on the Thai border in anticipation of the event.
The entire joke (they certainly didn't think of it as a joke, because they referred to the bible, which is a joke itself) was made worst by Camping's radio show, which can be heard worldwide, and a website that featured a countdown clock.
Camping's radical campaign gained momentum and became so real a lot of Americans fell for it. His aggressive advertising tactics prompted quite a number of idiots to quit their jobs, sell their properties and donated them,  and then waited for the inevitable. When interviewed, they claimed they were so sure of the event that they had "no back-up plan whatsoever".
Unfortunately for Camping and co, the world did not only fail to end, they (New York and Rhode Island) also passed the gay marriage bill. Perhaps Camping was referring to the passage of the bill as the end of the world.

In 1988, a former engineer named Edgar Whisenant published a book called 88 reasons why the rapture will be in 1988. It didn't happen.

Undeterred, he published another junk in 1989 to explain his failure, and to convince readers that the world would end in 1989 for sure. The year also went peacefully.

In 1993, he published another book saying that the world would end in 1993, and then another book in 1994. He remained grounded on both occasions.
Finally he shut up.

What's with all these idiots? I mean, these idiots use various claims; fengshui, ancient texts, and the most popular one, the bible, to predict the doomsday. Why would anything outside of our earth care about a little book written by a 4 million year-old species? The asteroid will not come hurling at us just because someone wrote it in hidden codes 2000 years back. How would he knew in the first place? Alien information? Extraordinary intelligence? why didn't Noah or Abraham invent the ipad then?
Most importantly, we are so insignificant in this universe no other celestial bodies would care to even take a look at us. And yet the bible is telling us that the entire planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe were created with us especially in mind. blah!
The inevitable will come. That's for sure. But definitely not in the near future. And the world will not just explode suddenly and turn all of us into vapor like what those self-professed gurus said. Our doomsday would probably caused by disease, or us got hit by an giant asteroid or the death of our sun.

Either way, the gurus were wrong.



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