Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Resolution 2012

It's time for New Year Resolution again~~
Oh btw I hate the fact that I'm living here amidst all the construction sites, and they work even on Saturday. This is so WTF.
By the way these are what I'd wished for last year:

1) Learn a new language, maybe German (or Spanish or Italian) 
Well I've picked up the German language, albeit still slow and elementary. Perhaps I should put it to good use this year? =) Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch~ 

2) Visit a foreign country and at least 4 Malaysian states (other than Selangor, Melaka, and Sarawak) 

This has got to be the highlight of my life--In May 2011 I traveled across all 11 states of Peninsular Malaysia, covering 1176 km over 15 days on my 100cc Honda Wave. Enough said. XD 

As for the foreign country thing... errr... *run away*

3) UM Convocation 
Finally~ had a nice day with dad and mom. And a bunch of friends.

4) Get a pair of new spectacles (finally) 
Done. Not a striking one but close enough. Even learnt how to use contact lens

5) Get a new phone 
I bought my Nokia C7 while attending a Career Fair at KLCC in April. It was an impromptu decision my two housemates couldn't believe I was serious.

6) More pitch football than futsal.(I have to pay for futsal but not football) 
Definitely. Bought Mercurial Tala at discounted price RM120 (normal price RM279) too~ Bargain of the year.

7) Move to a new house. 
Now lor... staying at bro's apartment here.. surrounded by constructions. *dislike*

8) 62kg!!!! 
Shit. I have no time to check that out really. But I think I should have hit the target la. =P

So what do I want to achieve in 2012, the year we all die on December 21st?

1) Publish at least 1 paper in quartile-1 journal 
2) Go Redang -- a turtle conservation program called SEATRU
3) Visit Danau Toba, the largest supervolcano in the world.
4) Visit Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary--and be a volunteer perhaps?
5) Busking on Christmas Day 2012
6) Complete one 21-km marathon

Well it's kinda congested really. Each project would need around 2 months of preparation. Backpacking should not be a problem though, but busking and marathon require quite a lot of practice and training.
I thought last year's items were kinda tough, but now I think they're peanuts compared to this one.

That's why it's called the New Year Resolution =)
Happy New Year ~


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