Saturday, February 4, 2012

MAS Golden Lounge

If you purchase business class ticket from MAS, you're entitled to enter the MAS Golden Lounge.
I didn't. My bro did =P and he sneaked me in just moments ago.

Oh by the way I'm on my backpacking trip to Medan, and then to Toba Lake. This is one impromptu decision I just bought the ticket on Wednesday.

I just realized on Tuesday that we're gonna have four days of holiday starting Saturday. So I logged on to MAS website and booked a ticket to Medan, but I have yet to arrange my itinerary and accommodation.

Saw this thing in the ERL to KLIA
And I put my camera in...
Now back to the lounge.
This is the first time I enter the lounge and hell capitalism is at its finest here. Food is served 24 hours, the wifi is freaking fast  and there's a massage room with three massage chairs, bars, plenty of luxurious sofas, and bathroom where you can get your shower. Yes they provide free towel and soap and etc.

Magazine rack
Tidbits and beers
Massage room
Toothbrush, toothpaste are provided.
If you're feeling thirsty, just head towards the fridge and get yourself a 100plus, coke, milk, orange juice or make yourself a cup of coffee--coffee machine is everywhere in here. There are TVs too, magazines and newspapers provided. Tidbits, rice, rendang, spaghetti, etc. Oh the girl at the corner is having an ice cream now. I should go get one myself.

Wines and alcoholic drinks are provided too, though I ain't gonna touch those. But it's really hard to believe all these are provided free of charge!
Since alcohols are provided free of charge, don't care allergy la! Chivas come on~~
By the way I was so dumb I drank the chivas without mixing first with water. And gosh how egregious it was. The white guy nearby must've seen  all this and laugh in his heart. Darn~
People first time drink alcohol like this ma. Don't laidet!



  1. sweet.

    but i thought you were allergic to alco?

    1. don care la. with all the temptation around me, jus took a sip =PPPPP VERY VERY lil drop hahaha



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