Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Resolution 2013

Time flies. 
And the world didn't end. By the way I didn't even bother to write "survive the 2012 apocalypse" in my last new year resolution because we all knew it's nonsense.

Wheee ~ it's time to review my 2012 resolution.
So these are what I wrote last year:

1) Publish at least 1 paper in quartile-1 journal 
2) Go Redang -- a turtle conservation program called SEATRU 
3) Visit Danau Toba, the largest supervolcano in the world. 
4) Visit Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary--and be a volunteer perhaps? 
5) Busking on Christmas Day 2012 
6) Complete one 21-km marathon

Looking back over the past 12 months, I think I have actually overachieved my target. I've been to Danau Toba, Medan, visited Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, rode to Cameron Highlands and set foot on Gunung Irau, hiked Mount Kinabalu, completed TWO 21-km-run, and participated in SEATRU. I have submitted a paper for publication and it's currently in for editor assessment. I even got on newspaper (BERSIH 3.0).
Mount Kinabalu, 16th September 2012
Danau Toba, Indonesia, February 2012
Cameron Highlands, October 2012
Sea Turtle Rescue Unit, 18~25 August 2012
Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, August 2012
Completed 21km run at Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) 2012
And now I'm used as textbook examples. =.=
The only thing I didn't manage to accomplish is item (5). But Christmas 2012 fell on Tuesday, so I didn't care about the busking item really.

So it's time to review and set new targets for 2013!

1) Nikon D7000 body only.
First, I need a new camera. I travel a lot, and having a new camera to capture amazing moments means a lot to me. There are many more places in Malaysia which I have yet to set foot on. So I definitely need more adventures in 2013.

2) Complete Ironman
I have to complete the Ironman suit I started earlier this year (2012). The trial helmet wasn't really cool, so I have to restart from scratch. I seriously hope that I could wear the suit on Halloween 2013. =) But if I cant complete the full suit, at least I have to complete the helmet.
Need to apply the resin evenly.
3) Visit 3 countries (other than Singapore)
I have to add more countries to my travel list. I also have Aiesec student exchange and Research attachment opportunity, woooohooo~

4) Seahorse Volunteer Programme
I've participated in SEATRU and it was toooooooo awesommeeeeeeee. So next up, SEAHORSE!!

5) Diving licence
Acquiring a diving licence is a must for anyone who wishes to uncover the beauty of our enigmatic seas. This is kinda optional though, because acquiring diving licence is actually quite pricey.

6) Master's graduation
I really hope I could make it in 2013. A paper has been submitted for publication, and I'm currently working on another paper. But I have to submit my thesis latest by April or May, otherwise I would have to wait until Octobet 2014, which will suck real bad. So, yeah, that's gonna be one of the toughest resolutions I'm making this time.

Well those are my new year resolution for the upcoming year. What's your new year resolution?


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