Thursday, May 16, 2013

Post GE-13

I haven't been blogging a lot in recent months because of, well, business.

Anyway the Malaysia 13th General Election (abbreviated as GE-13 henceforth) has proven to be the most controversial GE ever. There were alleged blackouts, phantom voters and extra bags of votes disappearing. I was really angry the night the result was out because I felt my virgin vote was brutally raped by a dark, unseen force. And despite losing out on popular votes, Prime Minister Najib still managed to grab more seats than the opposition party and thus formed the government.
Gerrymandering at its best. Congratulations. Maybe one day we should emulate the U.S and Taiwan, whereby the president is chosen by its people. Then we'll see how good Najib really is.

By the way, the opposition is currently touring the country in an attempt to gather evidence of fraud while fanning the sense of injustice among its supporters. The gathering in Kelana Jaya Stadium three days after the election saw some 50,000 supporters who turned out to show support for Datuk Seri Anwar and co.
However, I was thoroughly appalled by the attitude of the supporters that night at Kelana Jaya Stadium. Most of them were 16~19ish teenagers who went there just to join in the fun. They had nothing to do with the GE, and their presence was nothing short of annoying. They weren't even listening to the leaders during the speech, and I found many older folks trying hard to listen because the kids were busy blowing their vuvuzelas.

Anyway, despite the overwhelming cries of injustice, all is not lost. PR has managed to close the gap in terms of the number of seats between itself and the ruling party. And when we analyze it closer, we can see that more than 90% of young voters (aged 27 and below) are pro-PR. In fact, none of my friends in the university voted for BN.

There are 13 million registered voters in Malaysia, and the population of Malaysia is 28 million. So we can assume that all 13 million registered voters are 21 or older than 21 years old, and there are 15 million people who are below the age of 21 (of course this is not the case, this is just an assumption to ease the discussion). And some of these below-21-years-old who will be voting in 5 years' time use the internet more than anything else in life. And since they're already exposed to numerous pro-PR propaganda on facebook and the web in general during their identity-searching years, they will eventually become hardcore PR supporters with a mindset that all BN supporters and politicians are evil.

So we can be sure that all the new voters in the next GE (16~20 years old in 2013) will cast their vote for PR. Unless BN does something drastic i.e. battles corruption severely and fires all corrupted/racist a**h*les, we'll probably see a new prime minister after 2018. And the act of mentioning "chinese tsunami" right after the election showed that PM Najib is not exactly a good analyst of GE, and certainly not a true 1Malaysia leader. If there's any racist he needs to fire first, it would be he himself.

And that also proved that all his 1Malaysia slogans remain mere propaganda.

Do you think PR will win the next GE?

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