Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 New Year Resolution and 2014 Year In Review

I know, I know, it's time for that OhyesI'mgonnasetmyselfsomeincrediblydifficult-to-achievenewyearresolutionwhichImaynotbeabletocompletebutsinceallofmyfriendsaredoingitsoI'lljustmakeoneanyway.

Yes! It's New Year's Eve today and it's time for New Year Resolution *Yayyyy*.

Okay, first things first, I've got a confession to make: I didn't complete a lot of my last year's resolution, which was actually meant to complete the things I didn't complete the previous year, and was actually written based on the things that I should have completed the year before.

I am supposed to get a diving's licence this year (2014), complete a full marathon, learn a new language (in progress, not bad), visit two foreign countries (other than SEA countries and China), and get a pet.

And therefore! I'm determined to not put myself in a difficult situation in 2015. So I'll just set a few simple ones.

1) Run a 42-km marathon this year (should have done this in 2014).
2) Get a pet (should have done this in 2014).
3) Get diving's licence (should have done this in 2012).
4) Shoot a music video.
5) Publish at least one paper.
6) Limit Facebook usage to a maximum 30-min a day. Unless, of course, when I have some important issue to discuss on Facebook chat, then I can extend it to at most 60-min.
7) Visit one foreign country.

On a side note, 2014 has been a reasonably kind to me.

I've got a picture published in National Geographic Daily Dozen, got my two papers published, got my patent filed, been to Bromo and Bali, attended my master's degree convo, completed the super-duper-tough Viper Challenge, rode motorcycle to Sungai Lembing to see the Rainbow waterfall and sea of cloud, and shot my first timelapse video.

The year, however, hasn't been easy for Malaysia and the rest of the world.
Malaysia have lost the MH370, MH17, and QZ8501, and the east coast is currently deluged by the massive flood brought by the monsoon. Then there's also the Taiwan Flight 222 and Algeria Flight 5017. It's been a really bad year for aviation.

The Malaysian economy hasn't been good in the later part of the year following the drop of global crude price. We've seen the cruelty of the ISIS in the Middle East, the sinking of MV Sewol in South Korea, and in fact there was another ferry, this one belonging to the Greek, caught fire when sailing in the Adriatic sea two days ago.
Then there's the political turmoil in Ukraine, Thailand, HongKong and Taiwan, which saw the uprising of students in the latter two countries. The struggle between pro-Russian and pro-Ukraine forces in Ukraine eventually led to the downing of MH17.
Several countries in West Africa have been ravaged by Ebola since March 2014. And in July this year the world was shocked by the emergence of an uncontacted tribe from the forest of Peru because "their elder relatives were massacred, and their houses set on fire" by illegal loggers and cocaine traffickers.

Okay sorry that's more like an entirely new topic. But let's all hope for the best for Malaysia and rest of humanity in 2015.


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