Friday, January 27, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

Time flies. I flew back from Sibu yesterday and my CNY is officially over.

Met this lil' dude on the plane. Beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair.

Orang tua ini sudah 43. Looks like 31 to me.
Shit! This thing still exists!?!
This is what you get for asking money from loan sharks.
Oiii orang tua~ apa lu beli?!?
Mom-made bak gua
Keropok Udang + Azar
Stick insect at my front door.
Mom cooked too much we couldn't finish the food. Talk about capitalism.

My neighbor shooting fireworks. It's almost similar to launching rockets in battlefield.

I like this one. Reminds me of our universe.

The Milky Way?

An army of 79 raided my house on the first day of CNY. We ran out of glass to serve drinks, and ran out of chairs too. 

My sister and Ivan the lil baby.
My.... cousin's grandchild... big age gap huh~
You don't get butterflies hanging around your backyard everyday in KL. But it's a totally different story in Sibu.
Home grown chili padi.

West Malaysian call this "Big Big Astro". Sarawakian call this "Satellite Dish".
Life persists.
Mom's orchid collection.

Papaya tree in my backyard.
Had a gathering with ex-schoolmates. Haven't seen one another for at least 3 years. My bro had his a day prior to mine and he hasn't meet them for 27 years. Well time hasn't been kind to everybody. Front; left to right: Michelle, Wei Ying, Jacinta, Shin Shin, Ee See. Back; left to right: me, Miin Fung, Say Siong. 
And when I came back to Mont Kiara I realised I did something so dumb I should be hanged. =.='''
Anyway I'm cleaning up the mess right now and will be heading off to lab soon. Chinese New Year is officially over for me, but for my fellow Chinese friends, Happie New Year~again.



  1. yo granduncle!
    awesome fireworks pics. and your mum is awesome too. Making bak kua?! love the furry rug for your piano chair. Want one for my room...

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