Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Resolution 2014

New Year Resolution, the list that makes you look incredibly lousy every December.

It's time to fill myself with dreams that probably will remain as dreams.

Anyway, this time last year I wrote down these:

1) Nikon D7000 body only
2) Complete Ironman
3) Visit 3 countries (other than Singapore)
4) Seahorse Volunteer Programme
5) Diving licence
6) Master's graduation

I've completed only item 1,3, and 4.

Let's first discuss things that I've managed to complete.
The price for Nikon D7000 has taken a deep plunge since the introduction of its newer cousin, the Nikon D7100. As for item (3), I visited HongKong in January, India in July and Thailand in December. And in May 2013 I participated in the Save Our Seahorse Volunteer Program in Johor with Edward and Ivy. It was the first time I've seen a seahorse in the wild. And we also met and handled plenty of other sea creatures; especially jellies.

An old man in India
A wild seahorse
Now, it's time for excuses. 
Diving licence: it's a rich man's game so as a poor man I've decided to let go for now.
Master's graduation, well, technically I was done with my Master's study since July. But we all know the pointless and time-consuming bureaucratic bullcrap of our universities. The worst thing was that the faculty and the department office didn't notify me about the error made by my supervisor--an error which could be remedied within hours--and let my thesis rot for two freaking months on the shelf. I was made known of the error after I observed two months of inactivity; no notice, no freaking email from anyone at all, and so I went and asked at the faculty. BOOM, surprise~!

And Ironman, well....I did try to do it but hehehe~procrastination won out.

Okay now let's plan for 2014.
1) Diving licence.
Okay this time it's for real. No more excuses.
2) Complete a Full MARATHON!
Maybe I'll join my virgin FM event in Penang. 
3) Learn a new language.
Maybe Japanese or Korean? I browsed through wikipedia yesterday and realized that most Eastern European countries like Latvia, Ukraine and even Uzbekistan still use Russian. What's wrong with you, English?

Bonus: it'd be excellent if I could achieve these, but it's okay if I couldn't.
1) Visit two foreign countries (other than SEA countries and China)
After my visit to India I was feeling contented already. And since I don't fancy western countries, so it's okay even if didn't get to travel at all in 2014.
2) ...... a girlfriend pet?
I've always wanted a cat as pet. But condominium rule states that no pet allowed. But I do have plan to move out to landed property soon, so we'll see. In case if I did get a cat, I would definitely choose adoption instead of purchase new kitten. 

In hindsight, I guess 2013 has been a good year overall; I've cleared my PTPTN debt, achieved sub-2 timing for Half Marathon, slept on the pedestrian paveway outside the Singapore MRT station, stayed outside Malaysia for a month, handed in my thesis, volunteered at animal shelter in Kajang (MIAR), made cheese and chocolate cakes, plenty of my friends got married, some have had children, and single friends found their love. 
Now I'm getting a little depressed already....

Blah I'm getting outta here!


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