Saturday, January 4, 2014

Koh Samui-Koh Phangan-Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party in Thailand is considered one of the most important stops for any serious backpacker. 
The mere mention of the infamous party conjures up images of a wild-out-of-control-drink-all-you-want beach party where people of various nationalities get together and have fun.  

It all started in the 80s when a group of backpackers in Koh Phangan held a birthday party for their friend on the night of the full moon. They had such a wonderful time that they decided to return to the exact location the following year to do it again. What started as a innocuous, endearing birthday party gradually evolved into the alcohol-fueled, pee-into-the-sea beach party we see today.
I started planning for this party since September 2013 after reading it somewhere on the TripAdvisor website. I read a bit about the party on the internet and from there I knew I had to go. I. Just. Had. To. Go.

Unlike my previous solo trips, though, this time I took with me 5 friends: MC, Rachel, Christy, Krigers and Mi Zheng. And unlike my previous trips, this time I didn't put my attention on experiencing the culture and history of Koh Samui--I was all out for the nightlife, beach and Full Moon party. And hence we visited only one temple, two night markets and ate plenty of Thai gourmet. 

We departed from KL to Butterworth, Penang by bus. From Penang, we took an 11-hours train to Surat Thani, Thailand, where we took a two-hour's minivan trip to the Donsak pier. From the pier it's another two-hour's boat ride to the island.  

One of the best thing about this trip is that we only spent RM 257.60 on transportation to and fro Samui, and the trip by train was one of the highlight of the trip. 

The lodge, BSH Backpacker Samui Hostels, was only 5 minutes away from the beach and many other nightlife spots. 

Look carefully guys. Look carefully.
We got the Full Moon party package at only 900 baht after inquired several travel agents in Chaweng. 

Drunk and wasted
Recovered from drunk

In hindsight I guess the trip was a successful one. 
There was not much complaint from the group--everyone was mature enough to compromise. I tried wave surfing for the first time and holy crap it was sooooo fun (though I only managed two successful surf lying down on the surf board and received cuts on various parts of my body); I've explored the entire island on motorcycle (one of my favorite activities. I explored the Penang island and Danau Toba on bike as well); got drunk for the first (and probably the last) time; got my first full body massage; ate grubs; watched katoey show; saw a nude sun bathing chick for the first time as well (damn I couldn't get my eyes off her chest); and met Dato Nicole David at the airport! 
Wat Khunaram, Lamai
This is a shop where they set up giant replica of Alien and Predator
Wat Plai Laem, Bhoput

Big Buddha, Bhoput
Us with our respective supper.
I have the grub in my mouth

Where shall I go next? Seriously I have no idea, because everything is getting more expensive and we can no longer travel anywhere other than our own backyard, though Peru and Albania keep on popping up in my head for reasons unknown. Maybe I should try those two?

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