Monday, June 28, 2010

Albert Einstein......'s Brain

In case you do not know, Albert Einstein was buried without his brain~

The person who famously quoted "imagination is more important than knowledge" died on 18th April 1955, the passing of a not-so-great man.. succumbed to heart failure(he was a keen smoker) and within several hours his remains was cremated.

The autopsy was done by Dr. Thomas Stoltz Harvey, the Princeton Hospital pathologist and he secretly removed Einstein's brain for scientific purposes, WITHOUT any consent from the mourning family~~

Dr Thomas Stoltz Harvey in 1998 with Einstein's brain

He cut the brain into 240 pieces and sent it to experts all over the world for further research.(macamlah otak tu dia yang punya... beri kepada orang lain macam hadiah~~) He was later fired from his position for failing to relinquish the organ.

Anatomy of the brain
Scientists discovered that Einstein's brain has significantly more glial cells in the region of the brain which is responsible for synthesizing information.

Apart from that, his brain is also denser, and has less "wrinkles" than normal brains. This means different part of his brain could communicate better and process different information into one.

It is also said that Einstein was autistic. He was a late talker as a child and he spoke very slowly, often trying out entire sentences in his head (or muttered them under his breath) until he got them right before he spoke aloud. But another trait of this disorder is that he could concentrate on a certain topic with great intensity; ie he could do his math or continue his essay writing even when the bomb is about to detonate o.O

All this has got something to do with his remarkable brain.

Two supreme intellect of modern time; Neil Bohr and Albert Einstein. Their relationship stiffened due to the rise of Quantum Mechanics

And it was this remarkable brain that has given us two of the most important theories of humanity; The General Theory of Relativity and The Theory of Relativity; one dealing with gravity and another dealing with the speed of light.

Einstein was, however, not a faithful man. He cheated on his wife and reportedly had relationship with six different women. He married twice and his first daughter was illegitimate. His second wife was his cousin, Elsa and he even considered marrying Elsa's daughter!
He cheated with his secretary Betty Neumann.

By the way brilliant people are always unfaithful, for example Erwin Schroedinger(the dude who devised the Schroedinger Equation) and Albert Einstein. Richard Feynman was faithful but he often ventured into strip clubs and fooled around with his female students~~~unfaithful genius littered with infidelity o.O

Erwin Schroedinger...muka macam ni pun boleh playboy...what's wrong with you ladiesss!?!

Richard Feynman during one of his lectures

It's probably because they were mostly atheist, and thus they were not bound by a certain moral or religious ethic...

WWRFD = What Would Richard Feynman Do.... and I think the above diagram sums up the man himself =P

Einstein wasn't good with his son, Hans Albert and when Einstein died he left very little inheritance for Hans. Einstein was against the marriage of his son and allegedly "damned the union"

This man, nevertheless, is hailed not for his rocky relationship, but his wit and charm and the most astounding intellect that has fascinated the world since 1915..

A bicycle brought out the child in Einstein



  1. Hey, i like this style of writing. It seems 'santai'.

    Yup...lucky to be like them, chick can always fall into them. But now, seems like money is much important. hahaha

  2. was all mention above was real????
    god damn so eistein is a smart playboy, i v never thought that he would do like this.

  3. Everything is fine but the part of "they were not religious". What does that mean? I don't know anyone religious of my age (I am 27, and I European) and anyone of my friends has ever cheated or did something that a religious person would do.

    Being a good person is a moral standard, and has nothing to do with religion. What it's more... if someone does "good things" just because of fear of God, or to please God, in fact the "goodness" of his actions are not so good, because his actions are only a mean to an end. But doing good only because is good, that is truly ethical.

  4. Dr. Harvey wouldn't have needed the consent from the family, as long as he had Einstein's prior consent. To be fair it has to be said however, that this is still a matter of dispute.
    But what is up with Quote: "It's probably because they were mostly atheist, and thus they were not bound by a certain moral or religious ethic..."
    First you show me hard evidence, that atheists are in deed statistically more unfaithful than religious people, before you start asserting stuff. Besides doesn’t religious morality demand to kill someone who picks up sticks on the Sabbath or kill all the infidels?



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