Tuesday, June 22, 2010

North Korea

Last night I was enjoying futsal with my bunch of fren when Portugal scored seven goals past Ri Myong Guk, the goal keeper of North Korea.

The world was obviously laughing at North Korea, stepping, humiliating and thrashing their effort. But I wasn't really happy about the rout, in fact I was fearing the worst for the players and their coach when they return to Pyongyang..

North Korea is one of the five communist countries left in the world, and one of the poorest and most oppressed as well.

According to an article I read from facebook, a top footballer's monthly income in North Korea is only six ringgit, equivalent to one Great Britain Pound. They painstakingly fought their way to the world cup and yet the world wasn't even paying attention to them, let alone respecting them for their endeavor.

When they beat China in the qualifying match they could only drink the half-bottle of water left unwanted by their opponent to quench their thirst. During this world cup, they eat cake as their meal while other great and mighty teams hire professional chefs to cater their meal.

Their Legea jerseys were sponsored by a company in China back in 2006, and they kept the same jersey even to this world cup, unlike other teams(England for example) whom introduce new jersey from Nike, Umbro every other year.

When the substitutes are sitting warmly in the dugout watching their team mates playing, the North Koreans have got no sweater to keep themselves warm in the cold winter night of South Africa (mind you it's 18°C right now in Johannesburg, it will drop to 2°C by tomorrow night. search on google to convince yourself that Africa is not that hot after all)

How many of us actually respect them for defending their goal especially against five times world champions, Brazil up until half time in their first match? I was~ I was especially impressed, and I really respect them a lot for standing up to the challenge.

So how did North Korea ended up becoming a communist state?

Actually Korea was ruled by the Korean Empire until World War II when they were occupied by the Japanese army. When the war ended, foreign land occupied by the Japanese were handed to the United Nations, and Korea was divided into two, the north part to be administered by the Soviet Union while the south was given to America. The Soviets and Americans were unable to agree on the implementation of Joint Trusteeship over Korea. This led in 1948 to the establishment of separate governments, each claiming to be the legitimate government of all of Korea.

South Korea has achieved much since its formation, unlike its northern counterpart, to become one of the most powerful countries in Asia.

North Korea, at odds with the world right now with its nuclear program, imposes an isolation policy, which means international trade is highly restrictive. It has an almost entirely government-planned, state-owned economy, a self-reliant state...

Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong-il, the current leader of North Korea, with his totalitarian leadership allow only one state-run TV channel, ban shortwave foreign radio broadcasts and restrict outside Internet access to the elite. It has one of the worst human rights records of any nation.

A North Korean woman who defected to other country shows her torture wound..

Everything is restricted... Listening to music from the South and you may end up dead. 0.85% of its population is in jail, that's an awful lot of prisoners. Wearing shirts imported from the South and you might end up in jail as well...

The players, however, are dead serious about defending their nation's pride..

When singing the national anthem, one of the North Korean striker Jong Tae-Se(鄭大世)(bald headed guy) was seen crying, but it wasn't out of fear or any negative feeling, but plainly due to his love for his country.

He was born in Japan and got his football education in Japan. He declined invitations from Japan and South Korea national team and joined his home team which couldn't even afford his meal. North Korean players were very hardworking on the field, running their lungs out for the team during their previous games. England players, on the other hand, are so PATHETIC

Terry on a press conference, informing the reporters that he is "going to tell Capello what's going wrong"


Nicholas Anelka

France coach Raymond Domenech explains the mutiny to the press

What the North Korean players did was truly patriotic, and they have set an example for all of us, especially for:
-the rich and spoiled kids around the world who hate their parents and their government
-those university students who do not even want to do well in their studies and spend their parents money like turning on tap water,
-those who prefers clubbing to reading, watching endless hours of drama while neglecting their studies

-those who always take vegetable from Dewan Makan of Fifth College and end up not eating them but throwing it away, if it's not nice please don't give excuses such as "I didn't know it's not nice so I was trying but hell it taste like shit how do you expect me to eat it?" It's always been like that so don't take vege if you can't eat it

-those who can't even open the damn door for themselves and need their frens to do it for them,
-the bitch who dropped her phone in the toilet after buying it for two weeks and instantly asked her mom to buy her a new one, with one costing around RM2500, and after buying the new phone she hardly ever uses it
-those kids that are so spoiled they cried when they arrived the university from hometown, Ipoh...

I am fucking pissed right now because I get angry whenever I think about those people who are so ignorant not knowing what other people are going through and thought the world is so against them and they bang the table and crying out loud just because their mom decided not to raise their monthly allowance and they refuse to eat vegetable and they throwing non-biodegradable rubbish out through the window and thinking I'm fucking annoying cuz I'm always against them .

Fucking pissed~ you know who you are, perhaps you're reading this right now =P
Perhaps you should be sent to North Korea

So what punishment faces them when North Korea return to Pyongyang? According to a South Korean source, they would probably be sent to coal mines, never to set foot on a football field again...

North Korea Football team, You lifted your head high up against all odds! I SALUTE YOU~!



  1. -those who always take vegetable from Dewan Makan of Fifth College and end up not eating them but throwing it away, if it's not nice please don't give excuses such as "i didn't know it's not nice so I was trying but hell it taste like shit how do you expect me to eat it?" It's always been like that so don't take vege if you can't eat it-


  2. wooo....

    speechless bout north korea. But bout the 5th residence, i know the culprit. hahaha

  3. he was crying because if he had joined south Korea his family would be put in to a labor camp . north Korea is nothing more than a prison .

  4. lol the one who post this probably a pathetic person as well lol who hates the world. north koreans i respect them but the cuplrit u know them too?lol

  5. I would not admire the north coreans. They adore a murderer. I would take suicide rather than live the life they lead. They dont do it, and the result is that they simply got crazy. all of them. they adore a moron- they cant do nor see nor read nor listen to any fucking thing! oh but they cry for the sake of their nation! see? they have been brainwashed and are gone insane... and I am not saying that as a western country-spoilt-girl: i am saying that as a person.

  6. Well, we cannot blame north koreans for worshipping such an asshole, they have been blinded all their lives and they only listen to what their leader wants them to listen to, the media is completely manipulated so that there are not riots or things that might take down such an inefficiente government...

  7. You can say what you want but I don't think you know shit. The North Koreans are being brainwashed into thinking they have a good country with a leader who cares. They have the biggest ratio of blind people in the world and have you seen what they look like? Starving rats. In reality, they have a shitty control-freak leader who only gives a shit about himself and couldn't care less if his people die or not. He makes them think he's good and that Americans are bad, but in reality...I'm pretty sure he's the one who has to keep the country in secrecy to keep them safe...

  8. If you were to live in North Korea I think you will also reason with yourself the truth and lies of the country. There are many that know the truth of the that pathetic leader and the bankrupt country.

    Thats why there are those prison camps for those who try and rebel. I'm sure there were many many attempts to overthrow the leader but Kim Jong Il holds the country in an iron grip!
    All we can do is hope for the best in the future. I have met 2 North Korean in my life. Both escaped into China. One man wanted to go back to find his daughter. That man was very small.

    I'm Korean myself so this stuff is really important to me. My Grandparents were from the North who escaped to the South during the War.
    God is great and he will help set North Korea free! In our life time we will see this great change! I hope I will see the day when the Korean family will be reunited.

  9. I agree with Leah, these players were under pressure. World cup is a World wide show, and North Korea had to show "good"... yeah they were running their lungs out... because of fear. Come on man, you are completely missing the point, and by the way you are talking about stuff you don't have any idea of... Too many bullcrap in this blog to name them all, sorry about that, but you are stupid.

  10. Ahah, a friend of mine just read it... He said something clever : the guy who posts that must be a fat bastard !

    Think about it, the only way it came into his head to think about Korean was by watching football... I can't help imagining him getting mad at Anelka or Terry with a can in the hand, and bag of cheesy puffs in the other. Dude, go buy yourself a life

  11. Check out all you keyboard warriors making negative comments about the writer of this blog. Are you offended by the truth? Because to me, the blog is well-written and informative and what's more, we do take what we have for granted in the Western World. So ahead and say what you want about me, I'm sorry that not everyone can be as perfect as you lot.

  12. This blog was interesting to say the least. I just happened to stumble across it and yet I'm still unsure what you were trying to make a point about... As interesting as elements of this blog were, I found your complete lack of evidence for your biased statements severely undermines the probability of readers accepting or agreeing with your view points. - "a comment from facebook" and a webtoon comic are NOT evidence or reliable or true.
    You try and guilt trip readers into feeling incompetent and ignorant and class the entire western culture into one category - I don't know how you thought that could be believable or acceptable, but last time I checked not every westerner was an angsty teen with racist issues whose well off family tolerates their childish demands for expensive items.
    In reality many respect other cultures; are knowledgeable in many aspects of world, be it cultural, economic, financial situations etc. and don't necessarily live so well off as the
    Undoubtable the 'labelling of Westerners' on your part was merely formed on the basis of the sport industry's fans and media, their actions spurring you to associate them with several instances of pettiness from "kids" ...These examples of course accounts for the entire population....

    Swearing, does little to encourage readers, rather it will more likely irritate them and label yourself as incompetent and illiterate. Thus esteeming your blog to a pretentious biased piece of personal opinion.
    However, despite all my negativity, I see a little of what you believe to be worth knowing about and supporting.



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