Tuesday, June 8, 2010


In Italy now~ =P

Italy is really dirty, the first thing that I saw when I arrived in Rome was the horrible scene of graffitti everywhere.

Italian are heavy smokers. And their front desk attitude is really awful.

The Duomo is REALLY impressive, and also the St. Peter Basillica, and the Vatican

The colloseum wasn’t as good as I thought, and the place was packed to the max.
The people were destroying ancient artifacts and they wrote their names and their loved ones on the ancient monument, such disgrace for a country known for its long history.
Otherwise, Rome is just another lousy place, but it was really cold at night when I was about to board the train to Milan. The night train was okay, and I slept in the train. Too bad the backpack was kinda heavy and so I fell sick.

Milan is kinda flashy place, and there is a street called Vittoria Emmanuelle II where u could see the assembly of all branded items; LV, P_R_A_DA, GUESS, etc…

Never mind the brand, the water in Milan still sucks and plenty of smokers still. Saw several fanciful cars and bikes.

Sferzesco Castle was a great place, had a Kebab this morning, here they call it Kebap, and it was really nice, and huge~ had a single kebab for lunch and dinner.

Beggars are everywhere, and birds are everywhere too, especially pigeons. Venice is a small, secluded place and so you can never get a train.

The train station is super lousy. What’s the use of a waiting room if it closes at 9pm? People might have to wait until 3 or 4am for their train but they just lock the waiting room and ask the tourists to wait in the cold. And also the toilet is locked at night, giving lots of trouble for waiting passengers whom might have to wait for their train until 3am in the morning.

Italian food sucks, the water sucks, and their mentality is aweful. They move slowly, as if time waits for them forever, And it takes forever for them to give u the food bill.

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