Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Damnit am really busy this few days

My final year started officially yesterday and the first thing I did was to miss the first damn class. WTF

Then came Tuesday and I was still struggling with course registration while losing my SUKMUM pictures which I was supposed to give to a junior. So back to square 1: re-edit all the shits.

Then today, Wednesday, everything was fine when i woke up in the morning and slowly cooked my breakfast until I realised that I missed the 830am class, AGAIN!!!

And my parents called and say they're coming Thursday night and i gotta allocate a time to accompany them.
Then everything didn't go well for me.

I haven't start on my proposal!!

Today sucked.

Forgive me for emo-ing today, though I do realize that I don't do that very often.




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