Monday, July 26, 2010

I hate God for all the empty promises He made.

I worked my way according to what He said,

Yet it's my relationship and trust that had to pay.

"No more" to myself I said.

"Thou shall live in peace"

"Full of the blessing of the Holy Spirit"

Damn~! All I get is trouble and worries.

A blessed relationship???? Forget it!!

I have totally lost my trust in religion.

No more religion all you fanatics.

There is no God. It's only man believing in empty space and the calling of their own heart. It's the hormones and enzymes at work you fools!

Be it coincidence, or luck, one thing I'm certain; there is no God.

I shall remember this is the date as the day I part way with the word GOD.
Fuck you~

The worst thing ever created by man is religion. *PUI!* I shall never be the same again

1 comment:

  1. :-* Aw :-(
    Religion sucks
    Relationship with God rocks.
    When HE remain silent, he doesn't mean 'no' he just wants us to see His way.
    I had my share of 'i hate God' too, tell me about it.
    I had depression, hatred, started to ponder about joining some satanist cult to enrage God.
    But u know what?
    He didn't do anything about it, he just let me chose, now that's love and patience.
    And i finally realised after long months and days of felling pointless to go back to church, not a religious church though...hey why don't u check out Pastor Gregory Dickow, he is the best way to introduce you to God



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