Thursday, July 29, 2010

felonious entry

have you ever tried :

1)having something in your mind but its hard to say it out

2)you know its the truth and its good for you but its just too bitter to swallow

3)you know its hard but you have to try but you know you're gonna die trying

4)try not to hate someone because they are doing it for your own benefit but its hard not to hate them

5)don wanna admit that you hate them but the fact is you are extremely unhappy with them

6)thinking that you would leave with vengeance but regret that the memory might hang on to you like leeches, and someday when they come back to you and you'll becoming soft again

7)thinking that your ego is helping u to overcome this, and that you will never need them nor miss them nor fucking think of them but the fact is... you're always asking when will they turn their heads...and when they do turn you're not sure whether you'll execute them or cry out to them or blame them or... get back to normal..'s good that none of them read this

I'm just fuckin self-centered. Kill me

p/s this is the 2nd time I emo this week and post felonious entry. No more entry of such low stature...but actually I feel VERY VERY GOOD after writing it down.



  1. Hey, its a good thing to let it out here.
    We all are always bounded by pain

  2. being emo is one of the reasons why I blog.
    but glad you're feeling better...



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