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Brainless Politicians

All of us, I assume, do not like politicians.

I'm being biased again of course, just because this blog is mine so whatever I say is true, even if it's an assumption =P

This morning someone (Ivy Har la..~ ops...) tagged me in a post in Facebook regarding a moron urging teenagers to get married if they want sex. Good idea my fellow countryman, you have just made another son-of-a-bitch headline.

Alright, Mr CM of Malacca~ I'm making it crystal clear here. This dude is either downright stupid or perhaps his brain is locked within his rectum.

An anak watan Melaka, he was born in 1949, so he experienced the hype of Merdeka in 1957, or perhaps he didn't cuz he was too young to understand what's happening. By 1969, he was already 20 years old so perhaps he understood the impact of the racial clash between Chinese and Malay at that time. He earned his degree in Economics and Development Studies from USM in 1984, and he was 35 years old o.O

This dude has made countless idiotic suggestions over the years as a prominent political figure. Perhaps he's just craving for media attention but that has also made him an ass-licking moron, putting forward statements that has since became household jokes.

He proposed to build a bridge from Malacca to Sumatra. That's a Rm38 billion - 52 KM bridge across the Malacca Straits. Good idea dude~~ you're wasting taxpayers' money to illuminate your glamorous thoughts.

The soon-to-be longest bridge in the world. Malaysia Boleh!

Currently the longest road bridge (note here there are also rail bridge, which could be longer) in the world is the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in southern Louisiana, United States, with total length 38442 meter or 38.442 KM. That cost the US government US$26 million in 1969, which is roughly RM 90 million at that time.

The second longest bridge in China, the Donghai Bridge, has a total length of 32.5 KM

And this bridge proposed by Ali Rectum is almost twice that length, and 10 times pricier. America could do it, because it is the largest economy in the world, with their gross domestic product(GDP) reaching $14.26 trillion (2009 est.).
China could do it, because they are the most populated country and the second largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP), which was a staggering $8.77 trillion in 2009. The gross domestic product for China was $4.99 trillion in the same year.

Kita pula camne? Our GDP in 2009 was merely $381.1 billion, or $0.3811 trillion o.O So the US was spending roughly 0.1% of its GDP for building one of the longest bridge in the world. But we are using around 10% of our GDP! That's a lot(in case you don't know~~~)... It's as if each of us giving 1/10 of our annual earnings to satisfy his towering ego.

And this Ali Rectum also proposed to help teenagers who want sex to build a happy family, again by using the taxpayers' money.
It is just like one day the Rectum come and tell u:

Ali Rectum:You nak sex?

Me: ya ya I nak sex

Ali Rectum: Oh, u kahwin la. Kalao dah kahwin maka boleh buat seks

Me: yakah? tapi I takde duit nak kahwin... kerja pun takde

Ali Rectum: takpe takpe. Asalkan u happy, jangan buang anak, kahwin je la. Kerajaan akan memberikan subsidi untuk keluarga awak.

Does that make sense? Using taxpayers' money not for development, but for paying teenagers who crave for sex, and without a job. If I ain't aiming to complete my degree, pergi kahwin lah~ wait for the government to subsidize my everyday need.

This Rectum was charged in 2009 for money politics, but the charge has since been dropped and soon disappeared into thin air. Job well done for washing away your dirty linen.

Ever wonder why politicians could be so stupid? Sorry I don't have the answer. If they are stupid, then the party in which they represent and the people themselves are even more so, because they proposed him for election and they gave him moral boost and encouraged him to be bold and be OUTSPOKEN (in other word; be as stupid as possible to gain maximum media attention).

Again, the followings are biased perception;

Politicians are stupid because they are given tasks that are not supposed to be theirs. The best example is Mr Abdullah Badawi. He graduated from Akademi Pengajian Islam Universiti Malaya, and was given the responsibility of handling this country. What was his contribution?

All I could remember is Islam Hadhari (sorry bro, though u are a kind person I heard, but I really cant remember any significant contribution of yours even after squeezing my coconut hard)

Then, there are a lot of politicians graduating from economic schools and given the portfolio of transportation, agriculture, science and development.. Alamak!!

How can you manage the government like tat?? How would they know the price of a machinery in the Physics department and plan the budget for all the science equipment in all the institutions of higher learning? How would they understand the impact of Carbon Nanotube and Graphene in our lives~!?

I remember there was a case where a male politician of ours ranted "parlimen tidak bocor setiap bulan" at a fellow female politician in 2007. He was later sued XDD

Our Parliament building is leaking

And also the former MB Selangor challenged by an opposition regarding the price of his villa, stating that he would sell his villa if there's anyone who could estimate the value correctly. He swallowed his words as a result XDDD

Villa of former MB of Selangor

Nevertheless, please don't think that Malaysia is the only country in the world practising this stupendous act~ When Taliban was in control of Afghanistan, the ministers were all illiterate.

They were not farmers, fishermen, they had no dexterous hands, they were nothing but a group of Imams capable only in the Koran.. They were no better than the farmers who worked their ass off in the field. And because of that, there were no book-keeping, budget was overwhelmed and soon the country was experiencing economic freefall. Even then the ministers were oblivious about the crisis and they continually purchased fire arms for their campaign.

One note: the ministers are usually religious fighters that fight alongside the rest of the group, because as I said, they are good for nothing else. It's just like a group of barbarians managing your country la, and they propose all sorts of stupid policy and try to make your life harder and they don't appreciate the fact that you are smarter than them and thus they eliminate you to prevent future revolt.

Taliban fighters. One of them could be the Minister of Education XD

The reason they were in control was because they are the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan and they violently suppressed other groups to follow their way. Afghanistan was a vain example of how a country could collapse under the rule of a group of illiterate morons.

Are we heading in the same direction? Even the always-at-the-top French are baffled by their scandalous president, Nicolas Sarkozy, whose wife is advancing for another man and he himself is finding comfort within his own Cabinet~

Nicolas Sarkozy and wife Carla Bruni

It's as if all politicians are scandalous... and stupid.
So it's a clever move by our ex premier Tun Dr Mahathir to prohibit university students from involving in politics. One way or another, it gives more benefit in the long run.



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