Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Century of Written Sarcasm

Ah...100th entry.

Some people take years to reach this milestone. It all started back in November 2009, and altogether, ten months had past since I started blogging.

On the other hand, Ed Yong from has just written his 800th post last Sunday... and he's been writing for four years~~~! He is truly an awesome writer, he's my inspiration.

I started with a random blog, at first aiming to write things down and record it all in case I turn old someday and forget all the facts. I googled for research blogging and stumbled upon his blog, and I was so impressed and realized that "hey, why don't you do the same?"

And since I'm not someone prominent so I am not subjected to any inspection for mistakes, so who cares?? Anyone could make a mistake and post their mistakes online and assume it's true~~~ but of course, in the course of my research I would find relevant ideas and facts to support my argument.

There are always pros and cons but please, I am just revealing my thoughts so... the readers can choose to laugh away at what I write, especially issues regarding evolution and religion, but perhaps certain issues like the killing of pangolin and the flushing of 27,000 trees daily for toilet paper could help to raise awareness amongst the readers.

So here I'm today writing this century entry, feel free to ask/talk about anything, and I'll do my best to reply, time pending. =)

And if I have written something that has offended anyone of you, well.. that's the freedom of speech(I just love being an ass =P)



  1. happy 100th post to you!~

  2. Ah... I didn't know there is a "Happy 100th post" haha but i'll take it anyway =)



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