Monday, August 23, 2010

School head under probe over racist remarks

What is happening to this woman?

I couldn't believe what I saw and it took a while for me to fully comprehend what actually happened.

That's just sad, even after 53 years of independence, and even more so when it's coming from a PRINCIPAL!

As an academic, one should never set bad example for his/her followers. She should be an example herself to foster a stronger racial bond among students. She is, after all, someone that has at least a bachelor degree! What's the difference between her and someone without a degree now that she has spoken something like this? It defines the quality of our institute of higher learning, when one of its graduates uttered something of such low stature which could possibly spark racial tension.

The 1957 Constitution ensures that we share the right as the citizen of Malaysia, just that CERTAIN extra rights are given to the bumiputras. Fine, the deal was agreed and Malaysia was formed, with condition that EVERYONE agrees to the deal and WE ARE ALL MALAYSIAN CITIZEN, and the Malays have extra privilege granted to them. No more going back to China and India for the Chinese and the Indians.

However, we are still regarded by many as "Pendatang" despite the fact that we are now legally labelled as Malaysian Citizen. So who's challenging the constitution now?? Not US! It's THEM! And it is written clearly that whoever challenges the constitution should be jailed!

That woman should be sacked, fined, and jailed for her part in this drama. She was supposed to encourage the students on that FATEFUL MERDEKA CELEBRATION assembly, but she did otherwise. She is not qualified enough to be heralded as a leader of an institution of learning. Her immaturity surpasses that of a teen's. Even teenagers could respect other races, ini pulak dia seorang Pengetua?

I respect all the Malays who are respecting us Chinese and Indians and no longer calling us "pendatang". You are respecting the Constitution of Malaysia by respecting us.

And yes, you should rebuke that woman too. Perhaps her racial-polarized mind would be stirred harder when one of her own race does the rebuking.

This is a shameful event for all of us. One should never be labelled as "pendatang" anymore. We are born here, we love this piece of land and its culture, its mamak, its "boleh-lah" system, and EVEN IF YOU regard us as "pendatang", you should at least respect us too. We poured our sweat and blood for Malaysia, as you can see especially in sports and economy, the Chinese are the largest group of tax payers, despite being outnumbered by the Malays by seven to two. And Dato Lee Chong Wei is a chinese too.

Everytime he won something, he would wrap himself in Jalur Gemilang.

So did you shout:

"Hooray, the pendatang has claimed the Olympic silver medal for Malaysia!!!" ??

You ludicrous FOOL!

Round up all racists who are still addressing BANGSA MALAYSIA by "Pendatang" and SEND THEM TO JAIL!

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