Saturday, September 4, 2010


Before coming to KL:

1)Was a devout Christian-believed that Science and Religion are compatible
2)Not so lanxi
3)Obliged by the rules and ethics of religion and humanity
4)Science is not the solution for humanity
5)Marriage is wonderful

Coming to KL:

1)Reject Religion-its our hormones and enzymes at work
2)Vanity soaring sky-high
3)ethics of religion and humanity-vain way of keeping us in check-there are so many examples of religious people turning into morons themselves-eg pastor of a church in Singapore, Marilyn Manson, a self-proclaimed Buddhist leader from Taiwan, a gay pastor establishing a gay church in Malaysia, the corrupted Vatican - whereas the general public who are not limited by religious constraints are acting more appropriately that those who are.
4)Science can explain everything.
5)Marriage is awful.

There are news about people coming back to life after death-I'm not buying it-The doctor who proclaimed the persons' death might be a poor doctor. He might have made a mistake-we often see that in poor countries-even rich countries-doctors are human too.

The instrument might be faulty, or better still, the person might have gone through a period of "death" without actually dying. There are animals in the animal kingdom that could "die and live again" for example virus, which could lay dormant for thousands of years until a suitable host appear. Also snakes, which are cold blooded. They would be frozen during winter, but as soon as the snow melts they'll come back to life~ also hibernating bears, whose heartbeat slows down to 27 per minute during hibernation, and crocodiles with 2 heartbeats per minute when holding its breath underwater.

Perhaps I really am screwed up mentally by physics. I can feel that I think differently-not becoming a genius, but becoming a screwed person. If I really become a scientist one day, I would probably be the sort of Evil Scientist we often see on TV.. reading too many thing screws up my mind... what's happening to me... I'M SO SCREWED.


  1. boss, it's good and cool to have your own developed thinking and philosophy...
    as long as it doesn't harm others...

    cheers ^.^

  2. im with you
    im heard you
    yes, im thinking the same with you

  3. couldn't agree more with you that there are many religious ppl out there who are not as appropriately charactered as those who holds no religion. i won't say any 'but' here. you're doing good, don't worry; n i think this phase of life you are enduring is also part of His will XD

    p/s marriage IS wonderful (^_^)

  4. if there was a *like* button I'd click it.



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