Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why do we have "various" parts of our body....?

Have you not wonder why? Why we have armpit hair... why we have... pubic hair....?

Guys are supposed to have short hair, girls are supposed to have long hair, with some exceptions of course. Guys are supposed to have hairy legs and at times, hairy chest. Guys have hairy legs and chest due to testosterone, and if guys start taking progesterone, then the hair stops forming on the legs and arms.

But armpit hair and pubic hair indiscriminately cover the armpit and private part of both sexes...

Sounds silly but let's read this as an adult well ya?

The truth is no one really knows exactly why humans have pubic hair, although several theories exist. The most compelling argument for the presence of pubic hair is that these hairs help to retain natural pheromones produced by glands to entice the opposite sex and encourage reproduction with a suitable partner. Pheromones are produced by apocrine glands found in “hairy” areas of the body, such as under the arms and the genital region.

The hair in these areas traps the pheromones, which are relatively odorless until bacteria breaks them down, which is why it smells fucking real bad when you go about without shower for one full day.

Another theory is that pubic hair provides protection for the delicate tissues that lie in the region. This idea is supported by the fact that pubic hair is usually wiry and thicker in texture than the hair in other regions.

A thick tuft of pubic hair also helps to hold on to heat. This would have been important in prehistoric times when people wore minimal clothing. Pubic hair may also serve as a visual cue, showing that a person is mature and capable of sexual reproduction.

So the next time you plan on taking on a guy/girl, you can wear a sleeveless shirt and raise up your arm... alternatively, let loose your belt and unleash the smell within...





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