Thursday, September 16, 2010

Malaysia Day

16th September 2010.

What better way of celebrating Malaysia Day than to attend the Arangetram dance graduation of an ex coursemate~

Arshween Kumar is the name.

I was invited by Arshween to attend the performance, and he added "food will be provided", though that's not the main reason that attracted me but it was a bonus =)

And apparently I was surrounded by Indians, and some of them are hoT! I never knew Indian girls could be so hot =P and was grateful I made it there.

As soon as the music started I could feel myself warped into the melody of Indian music. The music I've heard from National Geographic Channel came to life! The sound of the flute, coupled with the violin and the sweet melody sang by the singer presented a panoramic view of the Indian subcontinent within my mind.

It was as if India came stood in front of me and I was totally absorbed into its vast history and culture. The music, though simple and convivial-like, reflects the richness of the Indian culture and lifestyle alongside mother nature. At some point I even heard trees and wind(of course, these are all made up by my subconscious)...

And there he was, standing in the middle of the stage, facing an ocean of spectators. I ain't sure whether he got intimidated, but according to the MC it was made clear to me that Arshween started learning the dance at the tender age of six. Impressive~ I was still climbing the trees in my backyard when I was six =P

Gosh the dance went on for two and a half hours, with short intermediates in between. That requires an incredible stamina, and also mental as well as physical strength. He had to bend his knees on various occasions, jumping and landing on the tip of his toes, executing advance acrobatic movements, gosh Arshween you're good! If I were you I would definitely be lying dead before second half of the show.

The dance itself was captivating. I got carried away by his performance, his facial expression fit perfectly and though I didn't understand a single word sang by the singer, I could sort of guess from what Arshween was doing. Moreover I have read about the story of Ramayana and Sita Devi.. and heard about Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesh of Hinduism. So it pays to learn more about other religion, and read a lot (eh cheh... sombong gile) =P

The dance itself has a lot of repeated movements and it is enriched by a combination of music and excellent facial expression. His act was so perfectly executed he could be nominated for the next Oscar, seriously.

Nevertheless, I still saw him breathing heavily at each resting point, his belly pumping up and down, desperately grasping for air, as each movement became more and more heavily-loaded..

"Firstly, I would like to thank Malcolm for coming today..."

Arshween and his mother

Arshween receiving the certificate from the dance institution

Still, it was a great show, and I hereby congratulate him for this great achievement~ and I really thank him for inviting me to this show, for today I have witnessed for myself a culture different from that of my own, and I felt the spirit of the dance devouring and intoxicating me with the culture and pride of the Indus Civilization.. and I also witnessed a lot of beautiful Indian ladies amongst the audience.. WOWWWWW~ yea that's the appropriate description =P

Arshween if you're reading this; could you please intro some pretty friend of yours~?

What better way of celebrating Malaysia Day. =)


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