Monday, February 14, 2011

Astrology is A LOAD OF RUBBISH.

Reading the wonderful piece and the hilarious comments that follow from The Lay Scientist, I must say that I'm now bold enough to confront any proponents of astrology and tell them the bad news.

I've said it, and I'm going to say it again. For those of you believe in horoscopes, get a life.

Believers of astrology are not willing to put forward how their ideas work. Some of them say it's guesswork, while some of them say that gravity could be involved (yeah right, so you're better than Professor Stephen Hawking because he has been trying all his life trying to conjure gravity with the rest of physical equation but to no avail, yet).
Moreover, most astrology principles deflect the arguments against them and obfuscate credible examination, while some of them argue that it's subjective and therefore can't be examined objectively.
These ideas have no credibility whatsoever. Astrology isn't scientific, it isn't really even pseudoscience, it's just dressed up mumbo jumbo that deserves no respect at all.
Islamic scholars have known the pathetic nature of Astrology for at least 650 years, and duly moved on. Why are we, then, still believing in this sort of nonsense?

Several weeks ago, British astrologers were fumed by comments made by Professor Brian Cox and Dara O'Briain, which eventually led to a petition against 'BBC bias' by the Astrological Association of Great Britain.

He said only the earth orbits the Sun in 365 days and returns to its own place, showing that horoscopes are nonsense. He then went on to add "Let's get this straight once and for all, Astrology is rubbish" The other presenter, Brian Cox, then agreed and said "in the interests of balance on the BBC, yes astrology is nonsense."

I don't like to say this but in Malaysia, most Chinese believe in astrology, fueled by popular culture from Taiwan and Hong Kong. Religion also play a role, especially Taoism-believers believe in Feng Shui and the balance of the two forces of nature.
As a Chinese I know my Chinese horoscope sign, because it's part of my culture, which defines my identity as a Chinese. But to actually believe in all the nonsense about love life, working life, money matters, lucky number, food to eat, where to shit, etc... Well, no~
It is to me nothing more than a pathetic self-comforting lie.



  1. Its been a while since the last time i read ur blog. Seems like getting better!

    Btw..aku ada pendapat. Kenapa orang percaya pada tilik nasib? Sebab nak ada rasa confident dalam diri masing2.

    Mostly are about that. Bila dia yakin on something, then eerything will rus smooth because he/she believe it.

    Dont you think so?

  2. it gives us psychological motivation-so tat is sometimes called "white lies", kata-kata bohong untuk memberi motivasi pada diri sendiri.

    tapi tak yah lah astrologers nak menggunakan bintang pastu claim that diorang yang betul pasal galaxy dan constellation.. padahal astronomer yang betul sebenarnya..
    pakailah element lain, hujan ke, air ke, batu ke, rumput ke...



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