Sunday, February 20, 2011

A World Full of Attractive Men is Just Not Sustainable

Right ladies, who do you want for your life partner? Johnny Depp? Brad Pitt? Christian Bale? Me? =P

A recent study gives us the most unfortunate insight into the world of sexual attraction: a world full of Christian Bale is just not sustainable.

Too many attractive males, and evolutionary pressures start to select against the best-looking -Proceedings of the National Academies of Science.

A Good-looking man is hard to find. Image:
The researchers genetically engineered a group of male flies to release highly attractive pheromones and then released a large number of them into a colony so that they greatly outnumbered average males-it's just like a community where the handsome ones greatly outnumbered the not-so-handsome-looking ones.

CB tremendously good-looking. CB is the abbreviation of Christian Bale you filthy deviants. Image:

Predictably, the females went for the sexier flies—at least at first. After seven generations, however, the numbers of attractive and average flies had leveled out. Surprising isn't it? I thought the handsome-er males would vastly outnumber their ugly peers, for obvious reason.

The authors conclude that being overly attractive must carry a disadvantage, similar to how a male peacock's large, colorful tail hinders its ability to flee and hide from predators.
Are you aware that your gene might be depleted after seven generations? Image:
Similarly, good-looking guys (no offence to all handsome guys out there) are most of the time lacking in talents (of course there are few who are really talented, for example Wang Lee Hom) and even if they are all-rounder, there ought to be some problem with their gene-you know, those hidden trait, for example balding which only reveals itself as we age, or perhaps being a carrier of chronic diseases, ill-tempered, etc. And that limits how many handsome/perfect men can exist in a population, because the hidden traits are becoming the obstacle for them to successfully pass on their gene.

So, there really isn't very many handsome men around. So, ladies,treasure every single attractive male around you, especially those who are talented, we ain't got a lot of them around anyway.




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