Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blood Donation

I'm scared of needles, and it's called Trypanophobia.

Despite what I have accomplished thus far, I haven't been able to showcase my bravery whenever I set my sight on... yeah... needles. I tried, in my own puerile way, to nullify my fear of needles but to no avail.

I would turn anaemic whenever I see needles when I was young, and in fact I was so scared of needles that doctors had to prescribe medication instead of injection-I just can't afford the sight of having something sharp puncturing my delicate skin.
But today, for the first time in the entire history of my life, I walked into the blood donation hall, this time as a blood donor. I slept late last night but I lied to the doctor-I ain't gonna let anything hindering me from donating blood this time. And he was asking about my breakfast, which in fact wasn't proper because I only had an egg plus a cup of coffee, but I lied that I had two and a large glass of caffeine.
(Hey come on, this is life-saving business, and I'm a hero now so it's okay that I lied. :-P)

I checked everything, blood pressure was excellent, 120/73, weighing at 57kg, and having a type-A blood. Thus came the moment of truth when I laid on the chair, and the nurse, skilfully showing off her dexterity, stabbed the sharp end into my flesh while I was still stuttering to say "err.... sak...(sakit tak kak? but I didn't manage to finish the sentence)"

The irk was minute. Then I imbibed in my own flight of fancy for the rest of the ordeal. I could sense my stress level increasing at times, because my skin contracted and the punctured hole tightened several times, so I had a thought:

"When we are under stress, the hormone epinephrine and cortisol would increase. Would that contaminate the blood? What would happen to the patient who gets this blood with these hormones in his system?"

I don't think it would matter really. All they need is the plasma and the red blood cells, which carry oxygen, to save the patient. And the hormones in the blood would go away naturally. So why bother?

Everything went on smoothly, and I was relieved when the nurse took out the needle, knowing that I am a hero now :-P and heroes have the right to plunder whatever goods they can lay their hands on. After all, not all of us savor our first blood donating experience like me. :-P
My share of the loot.
There was an earthquake happening in Christchurch, New Zealand yesterday. So hopefully my blood will be put up to good use.



  1. Haha..really a Trypanophobia hero..even though you slept late and woke up still have the courage to have your first blood donation..salute^^

  2. lolzz..come come ..clap for yourself

  3. congrats on your first blood donation :)



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