Sunday, March 20, 2011

Andy Gray and Richard Keys Fired for Making Sexist Remarks

I don't mind whether it's a man, a woman or even an elephant refereeing a game of mine... As long as they do it properly-Corby Manager Graham Drury.

Two of the most prominent football pundits in the BPL became became front page news fodder two months ago for all the wrong reasons; they made an off-air derogatory comments about a female match official, a team executive and sexually suggestive remarks about other women.

The good ole days eh? Image:
Gray was subsequently fired, followed by the resignation of Keys a day after.

According to the Football Association, there are 853 female match officials in England, up from 600 since 2008. On the international stage, FIFA claims that there are 251 women's referees and 334 women's assistants worldwide- up from 237 and 301 in 2008. In Europe, there are 104 women referees and 123 female assistants.
Given the increasing number of female match officials in the game, why are we still hearing stories about men downplaying the role of women in football? Do older generation of men find it difficult to accept the presence of women in this male-dominated game? Why are there still arrogant people living in their own bubble and accuse women of "not knowing the offside rule".
Sian Massey(middle), dubbed "not knowing the offside rule" by the two men. Image:
Both men have issued public apologies, but seemed more like defending themselves rather than offering contrition. That is one living example of people not willing to admit their mistakes and turn over a new leaf. They bow down to pressure, but only temporarily.
Even in 21st-century England, women are still linked inextricably with sexual harassment not only at work, schools, but also in colleges and the society. And the worst of all these is in fields dominated by man, particularly sports and politics. Maybe the two men thought it was funny poking at a well-mannered lady referee even when she has done particularly well on that fateful day. They certainly deserve their fate for preserving their imbecile mindset even when Germany has already installed a lady Chancellor.
Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. Image:

info: the independent

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