Sunday, March 13, 2011

截止 & Glad to Have You MV

I made these two music videos(MV) for Dayao 2011.

The first song is 截止, which literally means "expiry date". MV talks about a guy that set a 100-days period to wait for his girl, and walked away after that, and he missed something. Pretty touching video. The concept is good. The background music sucks big time, because some people told me the music made them cried whilst watching the video.

The second video, entitled "Glad to Have You" talks about the value of friendship. University life is the final phase of study, and for some, the last place to seek for true friends. There'd be, of course, argument at times, but none of us are perfect. Savor and appreciate friends around you.

The filming took place in the UM campus, was done by a one-man crew from MalcT32 Production, with simple gadgets and camera(Jocelyn Tan's and Ivy Har's Nikon D5000).

The reason I took up the role?
I like filming. I like video editing-though I ain't using premier pro cuz my laptop isn't up to the standard. I like to convey my view and ideas through short films with self-made music(both MV use self-composed song by Yuan Teng, Man Fee, Shi Neng and Cher Wei) and the best thing is that the music arrangement and recording were done by myself =D. Guitarpro Version 5.2

Wish to thank the actress, Yuan Teng, Xin Le, and actors Man Fee, Shi Neng, and Cher Wei for their time and effort over the two-days we spent filming, and not forgetting the director, cameraman, video-editing crew, music arranger, and producer from MalcT32 Production; he is worth every cent paid. =P



  1. ana~ know u r pro enuf 2 grab ppl's work la~ haha! jk~ other than "thank u", i duno wat shud i say~ ^^

  2. you made!! wow good job! Very impressive.
    although i'd appreciate english subtitles ><

  3. yea!! i like the mvs.... except my big head scene.
    You had done a very good job, but if got time we can do better actually.....hehe!



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