Friday, April 29, 2011

Barack Obama VS Donald Trump

First, the birth certificate.
And now, people are questioning about his grades.
And the person behind all these time-wasting nonsense?

Donald Trump.

American politics is as dirty as some third world countries' public toilet. Obama has been their president since 2008, and yet there are still speculations about his place of birth, his citizenship, and the latest one, proposed by business tycoon and extremist wing of the Republican Party, Donald Trump.

I have always disliked Trump, for reasons I wouldn't want to disclose here. But one could never underestimate his achievements in business.

In its October 7, 2007 Forbes 400 issue, "Acreage Aces," Forbes valued Trump's wealth at $3.0 billion.

And quite similar to all successful businessmen, he developed a taste for politics. And who should he harass now that he has all the financial power he needs? It's none other than the current president of the United States, the first ever African American to hold the office.
There has always been some anti-Obama movement going on in the States ever since he won the election in 2008. Some people just can't accept the fact that a colored man whom they consider an “alien,” was able to win the presidency. Every mistake he makes propels the movement further.

And now Trump is challenging the president to put forward his college transcript, citing that "Obama was a mediocre student, rather than an excellent one."

The reason Trump could be successful with his attacks is because of his background. He was made famous via "The Apprentice". So the Republicans are really grateful that he'd joined them rather than the Democrats. But this also shows Trump as a racist, a liar and a self-envying hound. It got better when he quoted that he was proud of himself for achieving things seemed unachievable by other people.
Obama's action of releasing his birth certificate has been dubbed "A Certificate of Embarrassment" by the Democrats, because the president has bowed down to public pressure.
Credits to Trump though, for his ability to play the media and manipulate the people's mind into believing that knowing about the truth doesn't hurt. Well it does. The President of the United States should be remembered for what he'd accomplished, and as for his grades and birth certificate, those were already considered when he applied to be a presidential candidate, no? So why ask things like this when he has already become the president? Wouldn't it be too late Mr. Trump? Or are you running out of points to argue?

Note here I may not agree with some of Obama's action; the Healthcare Reform, the Economy Policy and the slow response to crisis in Libya, but harassing the president like Trump does is a definite No-No.

For the Democrats, the time wasted on responding to these domestic nonsense should be well-spent on more important issues. Perhaps a visit to a foreign country to foster a stronger relationship is deemed more meaningful than ransacking the old cabinet searching for birth certificate.

As for Trump, he will continue ranting about for many weeks, or even months, right until the moment Obama steps down from the pinnacle. As that shows what kind of person Donald Trump really is.


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