Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday Celebration

No, it wasn't my birthday. My birthday is 4 days ahead of his. It was Ah Zau's birthday.
I swear that's Michael Jackson on PRS 
I first met this dude when I was in my second year. I had to text him(not that I wanted to, really) to confirm his presence in the musician group. I was bit tentative and wasn't really sure what to expect. Yet to my surprise this long-haired dude was much more approachable than I'd expect so that sort of made my life easy. Let's be honest here, who would voluntarily approach someone with long, unkempt hair? Not me. Initially.

But he's a fine guy I promise. He wouldn't even hurt a kitten.

So, it all started when Jocelyn proposed to make a surprise for her lover(btw do I have to start from the beginning?). And we all agreed, for this dude is definitely a funny one he deserves all the surprises in this world. To make him not funny. But we didn't sort out everything until a day or two before 13th, so it was quite a hectic period for us. For me, personally, I just took out the cabbage out of my fridge and that's it. Oh I contributed the rice cooker too. Oh and the soup. Oh and the present.
Nice view from 16th floor
We all had fun giving surprise to Zau. His apartment is located at a good 16th floor. I know he's a Christian but I didn't know he prefers to live that close to heaven(in a good sense pls, choi~).

We all hoped that he didn't come back that early that night, but he said it was special day so he was granted an early escape
Everyone's busy except... the Birthday Boy
Lots of vege

We ate, we played instrument, we sang, and we cleaned up the mess at around 12am. The King of the Night even sang us a song~
Happy birthday to Ah Zau~.



  1. Nice blog you have dude! drop by mine whenever you are free!

  2. yeah! nice post! upload more vids soon. Had so much fun



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