Monday, April 25, 2011

Master's Degree

I have decided.

I made the decision after a series of events:

1) I dreamed a dude psycho-ing me to go ahead. Btw I don't know him. Totally random dude.

2) My lecturer psycho-ed me too.

3) Rejected by a mega company.

So what I'm going to do now is to reject the offers that I've had.

Btw, doing Master's isn't that bad either.
Master's degree here I come. =)



  1. seriously?? Can i know what really drives you to take master? I mean was it just that simple? Was it your dream to go further in study? Cuz im in confusion too...

  2. its a long story in fact~ haha~

  3. tell her slowly~ or better, share your story so more readers will be motivated to continue masters!

    congratz~ happy u made that decision! :)

  4. LOL... i yet to see what benefit of taking master... Other than those I already known that's.

  5. Well, do you know about the renumeration structure of corporations? Each level of education comes with its salary cap. Meaning if you're a degree student, the highest salary you could get is say RM 5***, even after 20 years.

    Another person with Master's degree, on the other hand, has a higher salary cap, say RM 6***. So even if he earns almost similar starting salary as a degree holder, EVENTUALLY he will overtake the degree holder, due to his academic qualification.

    That's of course, if you're driven by money, which doesn't apply to me entirely.

    I have my own agenda, which is to learn as much as I can(work and study) and to enjoy life (you can't enjoy life at work), excel in whatever I do(perhaps more research training during Master's degree would help) and to inspire the people around me.

    Moreover, I have already given myself a target to doing Master's degree even before entering UM, because all my siblings are Master's degree holder. That's sortta like.. family pressure.

  6. LOL... I shall think about it real deep.. I need to figure out which is the best choice for me...



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