Monday, June 13, 2011

Defining Our Mentality

How do we define a decent person?
I think a lot of us would suggestively say that a decent person would not be judged based on the outside, but how many of us actually judge a person based on the inside?

It's outrageous really if I say a majority of us aren't really driven by plethora of factors in judging another person, in which most cases we simply take a look at someone and let his or her sexual appeal clouts our judgement.

Similarly, a person's education might not offer a good description of that particular individual. An engineer graduating with 2.4 CGPA from the University of Glasgow has no, and should not have, an upper hand over a civil engineer with a 3.7 CGPA from the University of Malaya until an actual interview suggests otherwise. After all, both the syllabus employed for undergraduate level in England and its former colony are the same. So why should somebody graduating from a foreign university deemed superior to someone graduating from a local university given that both of the universities teach the same thing?
It's a perpetual irony, that we are never thought as better or at least EQUAL to any of the foreign universities. Even their lousy colleges, those names that you'd never heard of, are reckoned as a better choice than any of our local universities. This kind of mentality, if left unmitigated, would leave a huge scar in our society. Parents would gladly send their children and their hard-earned money to alien colleges in faraway land, dreaming that their child would behave themselves-and that's really naive of them to think that way. Young adolescents, under the foliage of education and without the supervision from their parents, would normally act instintively(humans are driven by food, fun, and sex) to fulfill the call of their hormone.

This would produce a generation littered with insolence and self-degrading, and they in turn would inherit the rut of belittling graduates from local universities as "useless", even when they'd spent the last 4-5 years degrading in college and frequenting clubs. Our politicians and parents would continue to heap praises upon these young men and women who'd graduated from foreign universities with shortened(perhaps) syllabus and lower passing grades(50% final, 50% assignment) while we, the scapegoat of our own society, get to be thought as incompetent and mocked further even when we have learned a hell lot more and we'd struggled not to pee in our pants when taking examination in the icy cold Dewan Peperiksaan in order to pass the 70% final exam.

What would you do when you see politicians send their children overseas while urging the rakyat to populate local universities? That's hypocrisy at its best. And you'd wonder why thousands of young Malaysians are leaving or preparing to leave this country.


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