Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gay Marriage Legalized in New York

Sometime last week, New York became the sixth and most populous state in America to legalize gay marriage. The opposition(yes, all those church-goers) wept and screamed and shouted words-fit-for-infidels in their attempts to prevent this from happening.

A sweet victory for gays in New York, and I suspect gay couples from all corners of New York would flock to register themselves before the archbishops, pastors and church-runners of New York force Mayor Bloomberg to change his mind.

By the way, why do we dislike homosexuals? Gays and I do not share a common sexual interest, for I would probably frown in disbelief should a drop of male ejaculant other than my own landed on my skin, but I agree that they do have the right to choose a partner for themselves; a partner who will share your life, your downtime, your happiness. So it's completely natural for them to choose whomever they want, even if it means choosing a gay partner.

Image: nyemasblog.wordpress.com
Evolutionary wise, if every sexual creature fails to adhere to Nature's order to multiply (properly of course; no test tube, no in-vitro. Purely male-female mating procedure), then the entire species would extinct within a single generation. Homosexuality, if widespread, means an end to our species.

But since gays and lesbians make up only a tiny fraction of our 6 billion inhabitants on Earth, it wouldn't harm us as a species. But they will continue to be condemned by churches as nuisance of civilization propelling deeds which are evil in the eyes of the Lord. As for me, I wouldn't mind granting homosexuals their marriage certificate.

info: http://www.lgbtqnation.com/2011/06/new-york-becomes-sixth-most-populous-u-s-state-to-legalize-marriage-equality/

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