Thursday, August 11, 2011

International Students Take Note: No Handphones Allowed In The Library

International students of the University of Malaya, it seems, are a bunch of ludicrous fools.

The library is supposed to be an edifice of serenity and peace, where knowledge nestles between the books, waiting for us to uncover our moment of Eureka. This library has given birth to several prolific intellects of our nation, most notably the Royal Professor Dr. Ungku Abdul Aziz.
But there exist a legion of demons whose primary intention is to disrupt and upend the calming atmosphere in the library and inundate it with chaos: the international students. I'm not targeting any particular nationality, but most of them come from the middle east.
But what annoys me the most isn't their particularly funny slang, but their refusal to TURN OF THEIR FUCKING PHONE in the library. As if wanting to flash around their funny phones(also not to mention, old), they would turn the volume to the maximum then sit and wait for someone to call.

I wonder why are they studying in the university at all, if they can't even comprehend the instruction pasted on the wall: NO HANDPHONES!

Alright here comes another one. He just answered his fucking phone which played the distinctive Nokia tone, and worst he doesn't know he's speaking so loudly he's affecting everyone on the floor and FUCK HE'S TALKING WITH THE LOUDSPEAKER ON I SWEAR I COULD HEAR HIS WIFE MOANING AND GROANING OVER THE OTHER SIDE WISHING HER MAN TO BE HOME SOON TO FUCK HER BRAIN OUT OF HER NOSTRIL.

They have the intellectual power to compose philosophical text, but unable to comprehend simple instruction? Instructions like "No handphones in the library", "do not use the lift in case of fire", "no cooking allowed in the library", "no sexual intercourse at this spot" are deemed too difficult to follow huh?

I guess they are just a bunch of morons, victims of the university's policy to recruit more international students regardless of qualifications to realise the world ranking dream. And this shows you how the Malaysian government works most of the time; take the shortest path, which is most of the time ineffective.

Recruiting large amount of illiterates from the middle east won't help to improve your ranking because their papers are laden with mistakes, written for the sole purpose of getting this piece of shit called "degree".


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