Sunday, August 21, 2011

Money, Money, Money

The latest trend of picking up girls?

Well back in the old days we heard our parents talked about studying hard to earn as much cash as you can because that's the easiest access to ladies.
In high school, we'd thought "Ah, fuck that. I'm talented. I have good look. I'm athletic. I have killer abs. I have all the criteria of a good man except cash. And my manhood is bulging in my pants. Girls opt for guys like me!"

Yeah right. Take a look at this picture:

That sorta piss you off ain't it?

In the university, things started to go wrong. Very wrong.
Girls choose ugly fucking assholes with cars. Motorcycle? Bicycle? Walking!?!??!
"Oh stop lecturing me on environmental issues. You be your environmental friendly bachelor okay, now I have an appointment with my sweet-car-driving-honey."

Talents and attitude no longer work guys. We gotta face it someday anyway. Stop denying and fantasize about having girls out there willing to walk the 3-minutes-journey to class with you, especially with Malaysia's climate here, and you won't earn much credit by promoting environmental friendliness.
Who cares if you could play 10 different musical instruments but ended up living in cheap quarters of the town? Who cares if you've helped the old lady picking up her grocery on route to the market? Who cares if you could tell the whole world about the glory of civilizations and the wonders of science, if you're just another broken bachelor?

Again I say, throw your attitude and talents down the drain, guys.
Money is everything. Well, you must at least bring them to a nice candle-lit dinner once every two days.
Two fucking ringgit. Let's give it to the poor instead.



  1. money provides feeling of secure.
    just two ringgit,but many card!!!! LOL

  2. access card to lab... tesco, jusco discount card... =.=

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