Saturday, September 24, 2011

Arthur's Day 2011

Departed to PJ at 6pm, Shaun came fetched me at 7pm. After dinner we hit the road and the traffic was so WTFFFFF we arrived at Selangor Turf Club at 10pm. 

Btw I couldn't help but notice the extremely bad Malaysian culture of not carpool-ing. Are we Malaysian made up of extremely shy or socially awkward people? There were so many cars on the road but almost every car contained only one person, or at most two. Our car contained four so I'm practising my right to blast all shitheads who'd made TRAFFIC JAM possible.

Come on la.... We all know the benefit of carpool-ing but I guess a lot of us just wanted to go there IN OUR OWN FREAKIN PATHETIC machine to make EVERY OTHER PERSON including carpooling individuals stuck in the stupid jam. According to my GPS we were making 300 meters in 40 minutes. Now that's fast.

Wake up la Malaysian! Carpooling DON'T kill. And if u're really shy squeezing around with ladies in a car, take the bus instead. Do Mother Earth a favor by reducing your car-fart.

And now it's picture time! Too bad DSLRs weren't allowed =(

At lot of local artistes performed but sorry I know not any of them. In fact only yesterday I got to know who Taio Cruz is. XD

The entire show wasn't good really. The traffic and location of the show made it worst. Will not attend the next Arthur's Day celebration.



  1. hahaha...jocelyn and i guessed that you sure would write it on blog about the traffic jam ~~...we also jammed from 9.30pm till 11pm ~~

  2. LOL!!!! I thot u wanna go by Motor!!! AND U said tak mau squeezed in with lotsa BOYS in a car... AHAHAHAHA



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