Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dear God, I Know What You Did To Adam's Penis

Why God chose to create Eve out of Adam's rib instead of dust, as he made Adam, nobody knows. 
The Holy Bible says that God created Eve out of Adam's rib, and hence every male lacks a rib bone. There are people reasoned that subsequently a woman must join with a man in marriage, just as the rib returns to its place in the torso to form a perfectly symmetrical torso.

So all men possess only 205 bones instead of 206?

Medical practitioners certainly do not think so. All men possess a complete set of torso, no bone missing. But yes, a man should've had 207 bones, but instead we have 206. (Oh so the story is true afterall!?)

Well, it depends on how you interpret the rest of this article.

Most mammals (including common species such as dogs and mice) and most other primates (excepting spider monkeys) have a penile bone. A penile bone is a significant bone (unlike our disappearing tailbone, the coccyx), used to help male mammals in obtaining erections during mating. In laymen word, it's a bone for penis. And it's huge. The penile bone of a large dog can be 10 cm long x 1.3 cm wide x 1 cm thick...

Unfortunately, we human males lack this bone and must rely on fluid hydraulics to maintain erections, which is probably why human sex lasts only 3-5 minutes.

The bone is called bacalum. Human bacula have been reported, usually in association with other congenital diseases or penile abnormalities.

With all that explanation, I think God probably removed Adam’s penile bone instead of his rib bone to make Eve. That would explain why human males, of all the primates and most other mammals, did not have one.
Moreover, Genesis 2:21 states that: “The Lord God closed up the flesh.” This probably refers to the peculiar visible sign on the penis and scrotum of human males—the raphé.

In the human penis and scrotum, the edges of the urogenital folds come together over the urogenital sinus (urethral groove) to form a seam, the raphé. If this seam does not form, hypospadias of the glans, penis, and scrotum can

The raphé, as we can see, was “explained” by the story of the closing of Adam’s flesh. Again, the wound associated with the generation of Eve is connected to Adam’s penis and not his rib.

So, human males do lack a bone afterall. But it's not a rib bone.

So now we all know what God did to Adam's penis~ ;-)



  1. wow.. really makes one think.

  2. Actually, what God took from Adam is the "tsela." This is the proper Hebrew word. It means "a hallow chamber" and is also a pun meaning "stumbling." Eve was made of Adam's stumbling. God gave Adam a full blown sex change operation and the serpent who once had legs was thrown down to the dirt to eat dust (rot) all the days of his life. This was actually a horrific abuse that caused the personalities to split and that's where we all come from. Eve was cursed to bleed from her crotch once his/her penis was removed. "BOTH" of their eyes were opened. They remember what "God" had done to them. For the first time they stopped dissociating and they were afraid of him. The fruit (product) of knowing good and evil is WISDOM. "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." They also felt shame because abuse does that, and they wanted clothes. I say "they".... the victim was one person. Jesus was known as a "stumbling" block. He is the same as Eve. He died on a cross... the etymology is better when we look up crucible... "kruse" is an earthen vessel. Hence, Adam was made of dust. Christ died in a human body. The grail was the hallowed out and bleeding part/vagina... the blood of Christ, the wine. The bread represents the destroyed Phallus which Isis was also looking for when Set killed Osiris. The foundation of our world is a traumatic one. The bible does after all say, "....Egypt, where also our lord was crucified." A woman is just a man with woe attached. The "program" is all around us/you/me... we are one. "Father... why hast thou forsaken me?" Sick. Absolutely sick.

  3. 在创世记二章,我们借着亚当与夏娃的预表,看见了基督与召会(Christ and the Church)的照片。亚当预表神在基督里是真正、宇宙的丈夫,正为祂自己寻找妻子(罗五14,参赛五四5,约三29,林后十一2,弗五31~32,启二一9)“耶和华神说,那人独居不好,我要为他造一个帮助者作他的配偶”(创二18)亚当需要妻子,预表并描绘神在祂的经纶里,需要得着妻子作祂的配偶,祂的补满(直译,与他配对者)。虽然神,基督,是绝对而永远的完全,但没有召会作祂的妻子,祂就不完整。“耶和华神使那人沉睡,他就睡了,于是取了他的一条肋骨,又把肉在原处合起来”(创二21)亚当沉睡,为着产生夏娃作他的妻子,预表基督在十字架上的死,为着产生召会作祂的配偶(弗五25~27)在圣经里,睡通常是指死(林前十五18,帖前四13~16,约十一11~14)基督的死是释放生命、分赐生命、繁殖生命、繁增生命、繁衍生命的死,由一粒麦子落在地里死了,长起结出许多子粒(十二24),好作成饼所表征,这饼就是祂的身体─召会(林前十17)。



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