Sunday, September 4, 2011

Malaysian Cameraman Killed in Humanitarian Mission to Somalia

Noramfaizul Mohamad Nor, 39, who worked as a television cameraman for the national news agency Bernama was shot dead last Friday while covering a Malaysian humanitarian aid mission in famine-hit Somalia.

I waited for three days to see whether any of my friends, the so-called future leaders of this country who seem to care so much about politics and the corrupted government and BERSIH rally and calling out to oust the current government, talk or even post the news on Facebook.

Nobody did.
And what a shame that was.

Allahyarham Faizul was more than just another soul claimed by Hades in a foreign country. He died doing something most of us wouldn't even dream of. He has been to some of the most dangerous places in the world; Somalia, and prior to that, Palestine and Pakistan. He was shot last Friday by unknown assailant while covering a humanitarian aid mission organized by the Putera 1Malaysia Club. And Somalia, being war-torn and not having a functional government for more than 20 years, would rather spend their time thinking about their famine problem than to take up the investigation job.

What's worst, most of the people in Allahyarham's own country didn't even know that he has died. It seems that young Malaysian are more interested in cases that expose the weaknesses of the government. Teoh Beng Hock and Kalaiselvan's cases were posted repeatedly on Facebook. BERSIH rally was publicized through Facebook. And all those things have one thing in common: they involved the government. Anything that involves that government could spread like fire on the internet. No, they spread faster than fire.

Allahyarham was the eldest of six children, and the only son in the family, He is survived by his wife and two children. Now that he has passed away, his family has lost the primary breadwinner So where are the political parties? UMNO, PKR, DAP, MCA, MIC, PAS? Handing out funds to the grieving family is the least those rich politicians should do to comfort them. And where are the young people who shouted "1Malaysia, 1Malaysia, We Are 1 Big Family" earlier? You wanted to topple the government so that you can truly live as a Malaysian, caring for other Malaysian. Now that someone has died doing mission work in Somalia, do you even care to practise what you'd preached? We are one big family, aren't we? 

Hereby I would like to express my deepest sympathy to Allahyarham's family, and I believe the news was made even harder to receive during Hari Raya period. I may not know him personally, but as a Malaysian, I do not wish to see a fellow countryman get killed by militants. Stay strong and God bless.


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