Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nokia To Patent Haptic Feedback Tattoo--Irrelevant?

For all you tattoo + Nokia fans out there, the cellular giant is considering filling a patent for a, well, creepy technology which I personally think is kind of irrelevant (even after slashing 1000 jobs in Finland recently).

What is haptic technology?
Haptic tech is employed, for example, when your phone vibrates as you type on its touchscreen. Haptics deal with appealing to your sense of touch by applying forces or vibrations to your skin --

Now here's the thing: Nokia wants to make sure you'd receive every call and, you'd know who's calling based on the vibrational pattern of your phone. How exactly?
First you'd wear a skin-attachable material which can detect a magnetic field and emit vibration on your body. The material will then be paired to your phone, like bluetooth devices paired to electronics. So whenever you get a call, your phone emits a certain magnetic field, which will be detected by the abovementioned material and you'd feel a tingling sensation on your skin. The vibrational pattern could differ according to different caller and so you can guess who's annoying you during a meeting.
But Nokia is about to bring this technology further, especially for tattoo lovers.
If you think that every call is as important as the end of the world, you can sign up to get a ferromagnetic ink tattoo. The ink would first be exposed to high temperature to demagnetize it. Then you could apply, say, a Hello Kitty emblem on your bicep. The procedure is similar to normal tattooing, though the ink is different.
When you're done, you would be taken near to an external magnet to magnetize the ferromagnetic ink on your bicep. Upon completion, your Hello Kitty would vibrate with every magnetic field induced by your phone. This is especially useful when you're partying in a club, when you could hardly feel the vibration of your phone, let alone hearing its ring. So the tingling sensation on your skin could make you aware of an incoming call.
Cool? Not really.
Imagine one day when you would require an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), which prohibits any magnetic material from entering the chamber. It's a matter of life and death, and your Hello Kitty is standing in your path.

Now that would be really cool.
Perhaps Nokia should use the patent-filling money to hire back those 1000 slashed employees.


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