Sunday, April 29, 2012


Let the pictures do the talking shall we?


Thank you kak

Hand in hand. I love this.
A spark of creativity. *like*

All the way from Johore.
Young warriors.

Well said bro.
Brader, most pro is you la.

Badan tua, hati tak tua. 

The police were watching from above.
We're there because we wanted our voice to be heard. We did not need all the unnecessary attention.

A Decepticon on the prowl.

Ini uncle manyak untung oh.... marked up price oh..

The rakyat welcomed the FRU with cheers and claps.

French Connection UK Lynas? 
Further proof--the rakyat welcomed the police.


Uncle campaigning against Lynas.

How fun.

Polis pun letih juga.

Salute! Protes tak lupa tanggungjawab terhadap Tuhan.
We reached the outskirt of Dataran Merdeka. Couldn't go in though.
Snap dulu.

Sneak peak.
The power of zoom lens.
Upon seeing this, I didn't think the police were the telling the truth when they claimed to have not enough personnel to help the students at Dataran Merdeka  the night the students were under attack.
Brader, apa ko buat?

Tiring day.

Siapa kata BERSIH menjejaskan ekonomi? 7-11 kuat untung oh...
This put me to shame.
Kena tear gas. Kaw...
Even the women and children weren't spared from the tear gas onslaught.
The authority shut down the LRT service. Great tactic bro. You should go work under Kim Jong Un.

I was shooting this photo when the concentrated tear gas got me. 
Why are we running away from the hand that governs us? We appointed you, expecting you to protect us, and now what? A point to ponder for the government. 
Shit, camera angle not low enough.
Semangat gor.
Yes, the rakyats were under attack from the very people whose job is to protect them.

Bro I understand your pain. Seriously.
Alright this was where I got shot by the tear gas canister. Apparently some protesters were provoking the FRU to shoot at them by hurling foul languages and pointing middle finger. Unfortunately the thing hit me on my right leg and hell it was so painful despite the thick cushion in my shoes. So to be fair, the police should've been more professional and not fall for such provocation, and the BERSIH supporter shouldn't have acted like an asshole to challenge the authority.

and finally...

I hope there will be no BERSIH 4.0. I believe many of us are tired already. It's ugly and it's heartbreaking. I believe Ambiga herself wants this to end. We don't need more street demonstration, and the time and resources poured in should be used for other meaningful purposes.

But if the government insists, and continues to ignore our requests, then we're left with no choice but to have more BERSIH.

We just want our opinions to be implemented, and if you are truly clean, why are you reluctant to clean up the electoral list and let your political foes do a 21-day campaign?
And stop the we-couldn't-have-won-the-majority-in-the-previous-election-if-we're-not-clean rhetoric, for one thing I know, you could have lost the five states you won if the previous election was truly clean. You could probably ended up with only Sarawak and giving all the other states to PR.

Let's face it Najib, young Malaysians don't like you. And we hope to grant you an early retirement by the next General Election.


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