Sunday, April 8, 2012

Poets Get The Girls?

Had a chat with a friend on facebook, and she said poetic guys get most of the girls.

That was a very depressing news for me. And the most depressing of them all being; one of her friends, a modern day Shakespears, has had like, five girlfriends, or more? He's not exactly good looking, and probably a little bit more talented than Bieber, a lil chubby, and he currently has a hot girlfriend who looks like one of those Korean movie stars.
What kind of sorcery is this ?!
But wait, jealousy is not the main reason for his derision here. I'm thoroughly baffled and disturbed, because he was trying to wreck my friend's engagement plan by rubbishing her prospective fiancé, who is a doctor and a thousand times better than this poetic guy. And in the end, in his final,desperate push to stop my friend from getting engaged, he confessed of his love for my friend. Sweet-talking tactic came into play.

Sweet-talking, ironically, is to me the spiciest thing on earth, which burns my tongue whenever I try to spit them out. And I personally think that a man who sweet-talks a lot is a lot less trustworthy than those who do not, unless promiscuity is part of the man that draws the female's attention in the first place.
Note that not every guy that sweet-talk is prone to love-affair conundrum. But if they could direct those words at you, they could easily direct those words at other girls as well. And it doesn't matter whether they're married to a woman or not--they couldn't care less.

I have to acknowledge the power of brevity, for the soul of wit could win a thousand hearts. But hey, composing love poem is no easy task, and fulfilling your promises engraved in those poems is even less so.

And seriously guys, if you want to flirt with some other girls, save your rhetoric. Don't pretend like you're such a loyal boyfriend who treasures his girlfriend a lot by writing a lot of poems and posting them in your blog or Facebook page. Because if either one of them finds out that you're flirting on two sides then you're screwed--you could lose one of them or you lose both, together with your reputation.
Don't engage in a relationship until you're not thinking about adding another concubine to your harem.


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