Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dolphin Killing

I know you guys probably heard about dolphin killing in Denmark, Japan, and other parts of the world. The pressure is on, and some have chosen to stop killing the intelligent mammal.
BUT there is a town in Japan, famous for its annual dolphin hunt, still oblivious with the pressure surrounding them, and that town should be continually condemned. Taiji is the name..

Fishermen drove a pod of dolphin into a smaller creek, and used harpoons to stab the dolphins, as shown in this undated photo (courtesy of

The sea water becomes red, saturated with dolphins' blood.

Then a fisherman is sent diving down to pull the carcasses up into the boat.

(above: a fisherman held up a severed tail. Killed dolphins are piled up in boat and sold as delicacies in restaurants across Japan.)

A picture tells a thousand words. What else should I say? Look at the sea, and the brutality of the Japanese, that once murdered, plundered and raped thousands of civilian in Nanjing during World War 2, and consequently got the atomic bomb as their reward. If this act of terror on animals do not stop, Mother Nature will no doubt reward them her own version of atomic bomb..


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