Sunday, January 17, 2010


No offence, sometimes I just feel like ladies are like shit.
They got emotional, and start crapping shits.
And they blame u for humbly abiding the law.

Sometimes they like u being honest and humbly following orders.

When they're mad they just blast at u even in public with no sign or warning. Screaming or grudging in public is the way they communicate. WOrds are rough and rude, and insensible arguments emerge.
What's wrong ladies?

THis really piss me off to a certain extend. Maybe someday I might just give up on marriage.
Perhaps friendship is the best solution for me. No shits about marriage and having kids or starting a fucking happy family.
I aint those kinda person, as I just found out. I hate ppl screaming at me, throwing shitty arguments, making no absolute sense, and that's what women are good at.

Women who watch this,pls realise that you are no better than any other women. U are just another emotional whore on this planet. I aint falling for men, however, but ladies, pls give your man some space, and just..........control your fucking emotion, and no stupid-notmakinganysens-idiotic arguments. Some girls are good, but u can never deny the fact that they do sound stupid at times.

you may think you are intelligent and independent. Try throw your stupid arguments at random ppl and see what's their opinion.U think we men are dumber, well think again your arguments when u're calmer, and see who's smarter.

Sorry for all the harsh words. Perhaps i'm just not fit for a relationship after all


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